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Feature Presentation
November 11, 2008
We are using audio during this session, so please dial in
to our conference line…
Phone number: 877-322-9648
Participant code: 182500
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Today’s Topic
We’ll be taking a look at…
New ALADIN Reports
Brown Bag Session
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Today’s Presenter
Noah Parker
Systems Training Specialist for Development & Alumni Relations
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Session Segments
Noah will address new ALADIN reports.
During Noah’s presentation, your phone will be muted.
After the presentation, we’ll hold a Q&A session.
We’ll open up the phone lines, and you’ll be able to ask
Noah will answer as many of your questions as time allows.
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Contact Us
If you would like to submit a question during the presentation or if
you’re having technical difficulties, you can email us at:
[email protected]
You can also send us an instant message!
GoogleTalk – [email protected]
AOL Instant Messenger – HopkinsFastFacts
MSN – [email protected]
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At the end of this FastFacts session, we’ll ask you to complete a
short survey.
Your honest comments will help us to enhance and improve
future FastFacts sessions.
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New ALADIN Reports
Brown Bag Session
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New Donors by Development Office
Why use the New Donors by DOFF Report?
Where to find?
How to run?
Constituent Engagement Analysis
Why use the Constituent Engagement Analysis?
Where to find?
How to run?
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New Donors by Development
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Why Use the New Donors
by DOFF Report?
Developed in response to frequent queries from various
Development Offices.
Report shows number of new donors and amount of donations to
Development Offices.
Can be run for previous fiscal years.
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Constituent Engagement Analysis
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Why Use the
Constituent Engagement Analysis?
Developed by Annual Giving to identify potential volunteers
Report shows how a group of constituents have been involved at
Johns Hopkins
Columns can be re-sorted as needed
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Contact [email protected] with any questions about ALADIN
related reports or queries.
Visit the ALADIN tab on DARport for further documentation on
running reports.
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New Donors by Development Office report is meant to be beneficial
for development offices that want to see the volume of new donors
and new dollars.
The Constituent Engagement Analysis is meant to be beneficial for
identifying potential constituents who may receptive to a volunteer
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We’re going to open the phone lines now!
There will be a slight pause, and then a recorded voice will provide
instructions on how to ask questions over this conference call line.
We’ll be answering questions in the order that we receive them.
We’ll also be answering the questions that were emailed to us
during the presentation.
If there’s a question that we can’t answer, we’ll do some research
after this session, and then email the answer to all participants.
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Thank You!
Thank you for participating!
We would love to hear from you.
Are there certain topics that you would like us to cover in future
FastFacts sessions?
Would you like to be a FastFacts presenter?
Please email us at: [email protected]
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Before we close, please take the time to complete a short survey.
Your feedback will help us as we plan future FastFacts sessions.
Click this link to access the survey…
Thanks again!