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Feature Presentation
January 13, 2011
We are using audio during this session, so please dial in
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Today’s Topic
We’ll be taking a look at…
Child Care Resources
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Today’s Presenter
Meg Stoltzfus
LifeSpan Services Manager for the Office of Work, Life and
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Session Segments
Meg will provide an overview of child care services available as
part of the employee benefits package for Johns Hopkins
University and Health System employees.
During Meg’s presentation, your phone will be muted.
After the presentation, we’ll hold a Q&A session.
We’ll open up the phone lines, and you’ll be able to ask
Meg will answer as many of your questions as time allows.
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Contact Us
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At the end of this FastFacts session, we’ll ask you to complete a
short survey.
Your honest comments will help us to enhance and improve
future FastFacts sessions.
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Child Care Resources
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Today we will discuss
Child care resources available to Johns Hopkins employees
Child care Centers
Child care Referrals
Back Up Care program
Dependent Care Voucher program
Summer Camp Discoveries Fair
Johns Hopkins Parent Network
Eligibility criteria for each child care resource
How to access each resource
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Life Span
Financial Perks & Programs
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A starting point for employees as they begin to investigate family and
care giving resources across the life span.
We guide and direct employees to multiple resources so they can
make informed decisions based on their individual situations, including:
Preparing for a new baby
Child care options
Aging adult/elder care assistance
Grief support
Pre-retirement support
Education & Information
Resource & Referral
Discussion Groups
WorkLife Presents…
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•On the East Baltimore medical campus (98 N. Broadway)
•Children ages 6 weeks - pre-K
•Hours are 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
•Capacity of 156 children
•Some scholarships are available
•Eligibility criteria:
•FT Hospital & Health System staff
•JHU faculty & staff (SOM, SPH, Central Admin. & more)
•FT SOM students
•House staff and fellows of JHU
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Y at Stadium Place
Priority for Johns Hopkins University faculty and staff
Children ages 2 – 5
Hours are 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
No registration fee for JHU employees
Free 3 month Y family membership
Full-time care only
Call Office of Work, Life and Engagement for waiting
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Other Center Relationships
JH Bayview Child Development Center
Bayview campus employees are eligible
32 children ages 2 - 5
Walter F. Perkins Daycare
JHH, JHU and community members eligible
Located near JHH
40 children ages 2 - 5
Downtown Baltimore Child Care Center
Priority for JHU employees
Located downtown near U of Maryland
76 children, infant – 5 years old
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LOCATE – Maryland Family Network
Childcare Resource and Referral
– Free, individualized vacancy searches
– Designated referral specialist for Johns Hopkins
– Information on hiring in-home care provider
Information on special needs care
Contact Office of Work, Life and Engagement
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Childcare Discounts
Celebree Learning Centers
10% discount for children over age 2
KinderCare Learning Centers
10% discount at many locations in Maryland
The Goddard School
Some locations participate in JH discount
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Back up Care
Care provider comes to your home to care for your
child/ren while you work
Johns Hopkins subsidizes 10 days of care/fiscal yr
Subsidy based on employee’s salary
Employee pays full amount of care, then receives
Providers are thoroughly screened through Parents
in a Pinch
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Dependent Care Voucher
For fully-benefited JHU employees only
Net household income less than $50,000 per year
Reimbursement of 20% or 40% of the cost of care
(up to $5,000 per calendar year)
Use at any licensed childcare facility
Participants are reimbursed monthly
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Summer Camp Discoveries Fair
Held each February on East Baltimore campus
Meet with representatives from local and regional
camps (day, overnight, specialty)
Raffle to win discounts on camps
Office of Work, Life and Engagement publishes a
Camp Guide to assist with camp selection
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Johns Hopkins Parent Network
Open to faculty and staff with young children
(ages 0 – 5)
Expectant parents welcome
Monthly lunchtime meetings on HW and EB
Opportunity to share resources and network
Topics at meetings included:
toilet training
Maryland 529 plans
Choosing schools
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Why Use Our Services?
Personal, Professional, Productive
At one point or another we all experience stress and tension, and
appropriately intersecting work & personal life can be difficult.
• Manage Competing Demands – career, studies, family
• Reduce Time and Frustration
• Improved Wellness & Performance
• Employment Benefit / Service – free & private
• Short-term counseling for problems of daily living
• Unlimited Lifespan Resource & Referral Services
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[email protected]
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Today we discussed
Child care resources available to Johns Hopkins employees
Eligibility criteria for each child care resource
How to access each resource
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We’re going to open the phone lines now!
There will be a slight pause, and then a recorded voice will provide
instructions on how to ask questions over this conference call line.
We’ll be answering questions in the order that we receive them.
We’ll also be answering the questions that were emailed to us
during the presentation.
If there’s a question that we can’t answer, we’ll do some research
after this session, and then email the answer to all participants.
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Thank You!
Thank you for participating!
We would love to hear from you.
Are there certain topics that you would like us to cover in future
FastFacts sessions?
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Before we close, please take the time to complete a short survey.
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