10.3 Industrial Revolution Review

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Transcript 10.3 Industrial Revolution Review

10.3 Industrial
Revolution Review
Ms. Ramos
Alta Loma High School
What effect did the
assembly line have on the
cost of goods?
• It made the goods cheaper.
Suppose an artist of the
1800s chose to portray
the harsh lives of slum
dwellers. Which style
would the artist be using?
• realism
Karl Marx disliked
capitalism because he
believed that it
• created prosperity for a few
and poverty for many.
The “Black Country” of
England was known for its
• smoke from coal.
The impact of the ____ on
the growth of industry was
that it provided an efficient
source of power
• steam engine
Social classes became
during the Industrial
• divided
Ancient Greek
philosophers would have
been a likely subject for
what kind of painter?
• classical
European Romantics
tended to view the past as
• gentler time.
In Great Britain, the Factory Act
of 1819 declared it illegal for
children to work more than 12
hours a day. What does the act
suggest about labor conditions
at that time?
• Some children spent more than half
of each day working.
What technology did
James Watt improve?
• Steam engine
A geographic advantage
of England in the
Industrial Revolution was
• Natural harbors, iron, coal,
Factories were first used
in by what industry?
• textiles
What was a major reason
for the population
explosion in Europe
between 1800 and 1900?
• Medical advances and
agricultural revolution
• Review your vocab for
the matching section
• Why was England the first to industrialize? Level
2: List the five reasons and describe three
factors that contributed to England’s lead in
industrialization. Note a level 3 will also: Explain
how each factor helped England industrialize
• Describe two movements from the following list
and explain how each was a response to the
changes brought by the Industrial Revolution.
Movements: Utopianism, Socialism, Social
Democracy, Communism, Romanticism,
Realism, Social Darwinism, and Labor Unions.