Breaking Barriers to Employment

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Transcript Breaking Barriers to Employment

The xl Programme
xl Programme Outline
Began in 1998
 1300 clubs nationwide
 Supporting approx 15,500 young people
 Preventative in-school programme (delivered by school staff)
 Targets young people aged 14-16 at risk of underachievement and/or exclusion from school
xl Aims
 Re-engage young people into education, increase retention and promote inclusion
 Achieve accreditation which rewards students for effort/input rather than academic achievement.
 Encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own learning and development within the framework of a flexible programme
 Raise self-esteem, aspirations and improve achievement.
How Does xl work
A 2 year (5 term) closed programme for students in Years 10 & 11
 3 hours contact time per week
 12-15 young people per club (1 club per year group)
 Student led, but facilitated and supported by an xl club adviser
 Develops competencies and skills through a challenging mix of
 practical activities that can lead to accreditation
The xl Programme Modules
Personal, team & interpersonal skills
 Citizenship & community awareness
 Community Project
 Entrepreneurship
Preparation for the world of work/training
 Residential (optional)
What does the Trust provide
xl adviser training, link teacher training
 Curriculum materials (manual and portfolios)
 E-learning materials for advisers and students
 Opportunities to share best practice at regional network meetings
 National & regional support structure
A national evaluation framework for the xl programme to ensure quality and consistency
Annual Celebration Day
 Annual practitioners Conference
 Funding opportunities
Positive outcomes
Improve retention in school
Reduction in fixed term and permanent exclusions
Reduce risk of entering the youth justice system
Increase attainment levels
Improve well being and resilience
Improve attitude to school and learning
Provide positive pathways to post 16 learners at risk of becoming NEET
Hope & Aspiration
Britain is the worst place to grow up
79% into education, employment or training
Working in Partnership with ?
RBS six nations
Premiership football clubs
Academy of Culinary Arts
School Food Trust
Food Standards Agency
Roast Restaurant
 Royal Bank of Scotland
Lawn Tennis Association
Hope & Aspiration
Britain is the worst place to grow up
79% into education, employment or training
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