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The Lead Agency
Sports Trust (Sport Otago)
Cluster of clubs
Interested parties / other
Forming a Sportsville
• Club Working Party
• Establish Constitution
• Appoint independent board
– Split of appointed vs elected board members
• Working party becomes operations committee
• Appoint GM
• Ops committee becomes communication arm
back to clubs and advisory arm back to board.
Operational Arm
GM of Sportsville
Manager of Clubs
Accounts administrator (SV or Clubs)
Youth Development
Marketing and promotion
Event Manager
All of the above?
* Depends on what your Sportsville wants to
Strategic Planning
The process of defining your
strategy or direction & then
making decisions to allocate
resources to pursue the
Where did we start?
Strategy & allocate
Consult &
Document feedback
Stakeholder Workshop
on priorities
The process is more important than the
Collective buy-in
Consultation is the key
Lots of operational ideas that can be grouped
(you don’t need ‘strategic thinkers!)
Boards or small groups should not write the
strategy without consulting first
Our Strategy
Sports growing and succeeding
A partnership of sports for the community
Internal Goals (about FPS)
Financial sustainability through the provision of plans
and policy
Increase stakeholder awareness and engagement
A well resourced organisation that produces results
External Goals (about our stakeholders)
Facilitate the development of improved buildings and
Drive innovative participation initiatives
Determine and implement the integration of relevant
systems and shared services
Enhance the reputation of our brand
Strategy Components
Targets are ‘doing’ statements (evaluate, identify,
propose, investigate), they state WHAT you will be
Measures are outcome/output based (complete
report, implement, plan approved, plan developed),
they are HOW we know we got there!
Date – enables a planned approach to achieving
numerous targets that make up an Action.
Goal 5: Drive innovative participation initiatives
Action 1: Assist clubs to increase and retain
Target 1: Develop and implement member research
survey that determines member satisfaction with current
service delivery
Measure: member research inclusive of
recommendations completed and provided to clubs
Date: Nov 2011
Final Strategy
Important to stagger outcomes so stakeholders
know what is expected and when it will be
Prioritise completion of goals so the goals with the
greatest influence & dependent factors are
completed first
Note: for new organisations these are often internal goals
Resource your strategy!
Board & Staff
GM reports against strategy quarterly
Board review strategy annually
Staff determine how the goals are
implemented (via business planning)
The Board measures the GMs performance
against strategy outputs
Our lessons
Operating models before site plans
Working in this space is not easy
Club view vs community & sport view
High demand on clubs for time (especially around
facility components)
Personnel turnover (in clubs) has a significant (and
frustrating) impact on the project timelines.