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Zone Meetings
Making Club Gatherings Worth While
Official Role
Called the Governor’s Advisory
GAC is zone chair, and the President
and Secretary of Each Club
Committee’s duty: advise the zone
chair on status of clubs and
recommendations to Cabinet on all
Reality: Current Zone
3 or 4 gatherings of anyone that will
come from zone clubs
often held at one of the club’s general
wide variance in the activities that take
place at a zone meeting
Break into Districts
Each District group come up with the
top 5 purposes/goals from a zone
Pick a report to share your report
10 Minutes
5 Goals for Good ZM
District Leadership learns the welfare of
Quality ideas are exchanged (training
and sharing
Club Leaders are encouraged and
recognized for hard work
District, State and Club Activities are
Fellowship is fostered among Local
Assignment #2
In your District Teams, come up with an
agenda for your first zone meeting that
fosters the goals set.
Be ready to post that agenda with a
brief explanation by one member of
your team, but no the same one as last
Logistics of a ZM
Finding and working with host
Meeting Time and Location
Notices to Clubs way in advance
Make sure Club Leaders know what
you expect from them.
Other issues
Creative Ideas
Outdoor gatherings
Casino Night
Special Ceremonies
ZMs are about building stronger clubs
ZMs are about exchange of ideas
ZMs are about making sure issues in
clubs are known to the District