District Simplified - Rotary District 7610

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Transcript District Simplified - Rotary District 7610

District Grants
The District Grant program
supports service activities and
humanitarian endeavors of your
club at the local, national and
international levels.
DGs are funded solely by District Designated
Funds, which are funds that result from your
contributions to The Rotary Foundation's
(TRF) Annual Programs Fund-SHARE.
DG is a single “block” grant provided to
district, which then divides the grant among
clubs based on their applications.
Thank you for your continued support !!!
Can be local or international.
Rotarians must be actively engaged in various
phases of the project.
Should be planning, organizing, fundraising,
publicity, execution, reporting and review.
Cannot spend money until grant approved.
Project cannot be a pass-through, in which funds
are simply awarded to another organization with
no subsequent Rotarian involvement or control.
2014-15 Application
These were District 7610-specific requirements for
this Rotary year (may change each year):
• Application deadline was June 1, 2014.
• Only one application per club.
• Grant maximum was $2,000 per club.
• Clubs were required to match a minimum of
10% of the requested grant amount.
• Clubs could partner in projects, but the one
application per club, grant maximum and club
match requirements still apply for each club.
2014-15 Application
These were RI requirements.
Project must NOT fund the following:
Building of structures in which people live or
work or go to school; improvements and
refurbishments to such structures are now
allowed, however. (Fine line between the two.)
Administrative expenses of another organization.
Stipends of any kind.
Most international travel costs (plane tickets,
train tickets, etc.).
 23 Applications involving 41 clubs,
requesting $81,500.
 Four Multi-Club teams with 2 to 11
clubs per team
 Five International projects involving
17 clubs
Six Areas of Focus (desired, not required)
 Peace & Conflict Prevent./Resolution - 1
 Disease Prevention & Treatment - 4
 Water & Sanitation - 1
 Maternal & Child Health - 4
 Basic Education & Literacy - 11
 Economic & Community Develop. - 2
Rotary Club:
Project Title:
Progress Report (due 2/1/15) Final Report (due 5/1/15)
1. Briefly describe the project. What was done, when
and where did project activities take place, and who
were the beneficiaries?
2. Statement of income and expenses
3. How many Rotarians participated in the project?
4. What did they do?
5. How many non-Rotarians benefited from project?
6. What are the expected long-term community impacts?
7. Final report must be signed by Project Coordinator
and Club President
Submission of Reports
• Deadlines:
• Progress Report: February 1, 2015
• Final Report: May 1, 2015
• All Reports should be submitted to
District Grants Chair Carol Foley.
• All Final Reports must be received
before next year’s funds are released!