Welcome to Clubs & Organizations Advisor Orientation

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Transcript Welcome to Clubs & Organizations Advisor Orientation


UNR Policies & Procedures Molly McCormack , M.Ed.

Asst. Director Student Activities – Clubs & Organizations ASUN / Student Activities Center

 The University Policies & Procedures  ASUN Department of Clubs & Organizations        Controllers Office / Accounting Office Travel Paperwork  Student Code of Conduct Working Concessions for Sodexo Contracts The University Foundation Copyright Policy Important C&O Dates and Events


ASUN Department of Clubs & Orgs.

1 – Director of Clubs & Organizations, Patrick Delaplain 8 – Club Commissioners: Phil Hacker -

Greek Life & Faith Based

Adam Crabtree -

Sports & Recreation

Erin Gelmstedt-

Pre Professional/Academic: Arts, Business, Education

Schinria Islam

- Pre Professional/Academic: Science & Engineering

Adam Kirtley -

Campus Life

Nathan Demuth -

Service & Community Outreach


– Multicultural & Diversity


– Social & Political Involvement

259 – Clubs and Organizations, as of September 2, 2009 5,286 – Students in a club or organization, as of September 2, 2009

Controllers Office/Accounting Office

 Prize Form  IPO/BPO/Transfers  Check Requests/Reimbursements  Credit Card Request/Costco POs

Travel Forms

Two Things To Remember: 1.Travel Request = 15 days prior to travel 2.Travel Claim = 5 days within date of return **Holding pattern on Cash Advances

Working Concessions with Sodexo

Is Your Club/Organizations work concessions at football or basketball games? Do they want to?

1. Set-up appointment with me 2. We’ll complete the insurance application together 3. We send the application to UNR Risk Management 4. Risk Management reviews form and sends it to the insurance company 5. Insurance company issues a quote 6. Organization accepts 7. Minimal fee of $100  $30 application fee (one time)  $15/game worked  $25/game worked – alcohol vendor 8. Insurance company issues Certificate of Insurance


 Non-binding Offer Letter (payment or not) No Payment – 1. Complete Standard Engagement Agreement 2. Have perform/agreeing party sign and return to our office Payment – 1. W-9 2. Independent Contractor (payment goes directly to performer) 3. Agency or Company “Offer Letter” (payment goes to agency)

Copyright Laws

Showing a… movie?


YOU MUST SECURE THE RIGHTS TO SHOW! What doesn’t count as “rights”:  rentals from BlockBuster, Hollywood Video, etc.

 What does count as “rights”:  rental from Knowledge Center Issued understanding from production company Exceptions:

Private showing (home, closed meeting) Academic purposes

The University Foundation

Gift-In-Kind Donation A non-cash donation given to a club A cash donation without expectation of a benefit Sponsorship A donation with the expectation of a benefit

The Good Thing: the forms are online!!!

Important C&O Dates & Events

Funding Periods & Due Dates Fall I - Applications Due: September 8 Fall II – Applications Due: November 2 Funding Hearing: September 12 Coverage Period: Sept. 14 – Nov. 15 Funding Hearing: November 7 Coverage Period: Nov. 9 – Feb. 14 Club Fair Spring – February 10, 2010 Clubs & Organizations Leader Training (COLT) Fall II COLT – October 26 Spring I COLT – January 28 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 2010 February 20

Successful Advising Tips

Do:   Help them to see alternatives and provide an outside perspective Make sure to understand the importance of, and encourage OPEN DIALOGUE Don’t:    Only get to know the club leaders Say you know, when you don’t Use the club to promote your agenda

Why Advise?

  The Liability Myth “…institutions need to ensure that student have the skills, support systems, and authority required to carry out [their] responsibilities successfully” (Ackerman, Werner, Vaccaro ed., 2005 p. 139).

YOU are that support system!!

 An advocate for THEIR purpose  Retention Retention Retention!!!


But most importantly, thank you for your commitment to advising our students!

ASUN & Student Activities