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Press Conference
8th September 2014
Ministry of Labour &
Government of India
Thematic areas
• Ease of Doing Business
– Single Unified Web Portal
– Labour Inspection Scheme
• Social Security
– Organized Workers,
– Unorganised Workers,
• Employment and Vocational Training
– Re-establishing brand equity of ITIs
– Demand Responsive Vocational Training
Single Unified Web Portal
• For Ease of Compliance
• Features:
– 4 agencies in Central Sphere: CLC, DGMS, ESIC and
– Online Registration of 6-7 lakh Units and assignment
of a Unique LIN to each,
– Single Harmonised Online Annual Return for
enforcement of 16 Labour Laws,
– Reporting of Inspections and
– Grievance Redressal System integrated with Do AR
& PG portal .
Labour Inspection Scheme
• For Transparent and Accountable Inspection Mechanism
• Features:
– 4 agencies in Central Sphere: CLC, DGMS, ESIC and EPFO
– Linked to Web Portal
– Random computerised selection of Units for Inspections
based on objective criteria
– Analysis of Complaints by Central Analysis and
Intelligence Unit (CAIU) based on data and evidence
– Uploading of inspection Report in 72 hours
– Monitoring of Inspections based on Key performance
Social Security for Organized Workers
• Extending coverage of eligible beneficiaries,
i. Statutory monthly wage ceiling for making
contribution under the EPF & MP Act 1952
enhanced from Rs. 6500 p.m. to Rs. 15,000/- w.e.f.
1.9.2014 .
ii. Likely to extend PF coverage to an additional 50
lakh workers.
iii. Minimum pension to pensioners under Employees’
Pension Scheme 1995 enhanced to ₹ 1,000/- w.e.f.
iv. Likely to benefit about 28 lakh existing pensioners
Social Security for Organized Workers
• Improving customer service by providing portability of
PF accounts
i. Seeding of Universal Account Number with Bank
Account and Aadhar No. of the current memberscompleted for 35% current members.
ii. Will facilitate portability of PF accounts across jobs
and geographies for current and future members.
iii. UAN mechanism will establish direct connect
between members and EPFO.
Social Security for Unorganised Workers’
Revamp of RSBY
Covering more than 3.85 crore families and 13 categories of unorganized
workers in 26 States and Union Territories.
Revamped for efficient and transparent service delivery.
Phase-I from 01.06.2014 primarily covers
Performance parameters for Insurers,
Strengthening of State Nodal Agency,
Establishing a Call Centre and a robust grievance redressal
Third party audit and evaluation of scheme*.
The phase-II will commence from February 2015 envisages
Improved IT architecture,
Wellness Check of beneficiaries at PHCs,
Enrolment/ issue of smart cards by Central/ State PSUs
Convergence of 3 social security schemes for Unorganised Workers, through
single RSBY smart card and services through single point of contact in 20 pilot
Re-establishing brand equity of ITIs
 Curriculum revised by Mentor Councils; Semester
 Incubation Centres (5) and Chairs (6) in premier
 Training of trainers in distance mode; 4,000 trained so
 Leadership and Management training of Government
ITI Principals (820 trained so far)
 First phase of ITI e-governance portal including ecertification to be launched in November 2014
Demand Responsive Vocational Training
 Flexible MoUs for running industry-driven courses in ITIs
 Developing Model ITIs in prominent industry clusters
 Mentor Councils in 25 economic sectors with representatives from
 Encouragement to MSMEs to engage apprentices.
 Amendment to Apprentices Act for value to both- apprentices and
 Utilising ITI infrastructure in urban areas for training of existing
 National framework for RPL of Construction Workers,.