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MSP Marketing Strategies for 2013 1

Before we start

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2012 in review

» How was your year?

» Did you make money?

» How successful were you?

» What did you learn?

» How did you improve?

» What was a key highlight?

» What do you want to change?

» Enough questions?


Looking forward

» What significant changes in the market will occur this year?

» Have you conducted your 2013 SWOT analysis?

» What do you need to do differently in order to keep momentum pushing forward?

» Will you be here one year from today?


One thing I know for sure

Your success is directly tied to how well you OUT MARKET you competitors


Re-frame your thinking

Successful Managed Service Providers are Marketing/Sales organizations first Technical Organizations SECOND


Secret formula to success with sales

Well… There isn’t one!

80% of success is just showing up and the other 20% is doing the work!


Let’s do the work

Your 2013 MSP Marketing Strategy » Is everyone on your team on the bus?

» What about your existing clients » Prospect for new business » Are you involved in the community?

» How strong is your relationships with the media?

» Don’t forget about your partners?


And when you have a lead…

Execute your 12 steps sales & marketing process » Your marketing kit » MSP Videos » Comfort letters »


Tools you need to have ready

» » Client Success Stories Client Technical Spotlights » » » One Page Service Sheets Press Coverage Scripted Emails » » » Videos Testimonial Letters Comfort Letters » ….all of this becomes your marketing kit


What works and why?

2012 in Review – Maturing 2013 »

» The right corporate email strategy » Regular rhythm » Completing “Client Service Solution Index” » Being strategically lucky » Becoming a strategic resource » Marketing, Sales, Service Delivery


At the end of the day….

Give your clients what they want!

Educate them on what they don’t know!

Become someone they trust!


Next steps

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