What is a Technical High School

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Transcript What is a Technical High School

Way More Than A Diploma

Sheridan Technical High School

Community Meeting February 2014

History of Technical High Schools in Broward

• • • • • Design concept Same Administrator as McFatter Technical National Ranking National & International Model “A” Rated ~ Atlantic and McFatter Technical High Schools • • • • • Small Class Size One counselor per grade Post secondary plan Honors and AP for all Mobile device for every student

What is a Technical High School ?

• • Four years of: – – English Math – Social Studies – Science Academic rigor – Infused technical hands on instruction – Globally competitive • Three options after graduation: 1. University system 2. World of work with industry credentials 3. Broward College – transferring credits

What a Technical Center Isn’t

• • • • Not a school with sports teams Not a school with a band Not a school with lots of academic class choices Not a school with lots of language choices • • • Not a school with regular “school” food Not a school with a traditional physical education class Not a school with a 6 or 7 class period day

Best of both worlds…

• • • • Blended curriculum Highly sophisticated learning management system Acquiring skills needed to engage in a 21 st century workforce Digital citizenship, the use of technology safely, critically and proactively

College and Career Ready

• • • • • Rigor, Relevance and Relationships Radical difference in today’s cutting edge career & technical programs from old “vocational” classes Better job developing college & career ready than many traditional academic programs Earn post-secondary credentials & industry recognized certification, leading to a successful career Opportunities to engage with business/industry leaders

Value of Career Technical Education

• • • • • • More likely to graduate from high school and be engaged in learning High quality instruction & small class size Work-based learning Real world project based initatives Active career-technical student organizations Association with members of the industry

Value of Online Education

• • • Enables student centered teaching approaches that increase student interaction, engagement and responsibility for their own learning Next generation Internet technologies More realistic and authentic

Blended Learning Environment

• • • • • • Ground classroom settings Instructional richness Self-paced e-learning Digital content with a face-to-face instructor Student able to participate in the typical student organizations found in traditional high schools Student organizations are an important part of the curriculum to teach leadership and social skills

Course of Study

Current programs for student selection

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Accounting Operations Administrative Office Specialist Advanced Esthetics Air Conditioning Refrigeration & Heating Applied Information Technology Architectural Drafting Automotive Service Technology Building Trades & Construction Design Business Ownership Business Supervision & Management Computer Systems & Information Commercial Foods/Culinary Arts Court Reporting Cosmetology Customer Service Early Childhood Education Electricity • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Game/Simulation/Animation/ Visual Design Health Unit Coordinator Legal Administrative Specialist Marketing Medical Assisting Medical Coder/Biller Medical Records Transcribing Network Support (CISCO) Patient Care Technician Plumbing Practical Nursing Solar Photovoltaic Technology Solar Thermal Technology Teacher Assisting Web Development And more…….

• • • • • • Lunches Transportation Same counselor BRACE Advisor- post secondary plan Small class size Honors and AP for all

Daily Life

Next Steps….

• • • Apply! • • GPA 2.0 in core academics Level 3 or greater on FCAT score in both reading & math Must live in Broward County south of Sunrise Blvd.

If coming from a private school there are recognized standardize tests that are acceptable in the place of FCAT • www.browardschoolsmagnetprograms.com

The School Board of Broward County, Florida

School Board Members

Patricia Good, Chair ~ Donna P. Korn, Vice-Chair Robin Bartleman ~ Abby M. Freedman ~ Laurie Rich Levinson ~Ann Murray ~ Dr. Rosalind Osgood ~ Nora Rupert Robert W. Runcie, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Desmond Blackburn, Chief School Performance & Accountability Officer Dr. Valerie Wanza, Director School Performance & Accountability Office

Sheridan Technical Center & High School

D. Robert Boegli, Director Daryl Diamond, PhD, Assistant Director Annette Johnson, Assistant Director Thomas Moncilovich, Assistant Director