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Holding a Member Recruitment Event

Featuring: Lt. Governor of District 04, Joanne Raymond

Presented by: Ragna Karlsdóttir International Membership Chairman 9 a.m. CDT session Kerry Dixon International Membership Vice-Chairman 9 p.m. CDT session

24 April 2014

Why Should Prospective Members Join Zonta? Why Did You Join Zonta?

• • • Join with like-minded people committed to advancing the status of women through service and advocacy locally and internationally Be a part of an international organization with the combined influence of 30,000 members in

66 different countries

Service opportunities: hands-on service opportunities with like-minded people

Why Should Prospective Members Join Zonta? Why Did You Join Zonta?

• • • Advocacy opportunities – work with other Zontians and organizations on issues affecting the status of women at a local, national and international level Fellowship opportunities – meet people you may not normally meet, share meals, reflect on the messages of speakers and the time to talk and get to know others Zonta’s reputation as an organization that makes a difference to the lives of women locally and internationally

Designate a Team of Club Members to Take Ownership of the Event

• • The club’s membership committee is recommended to oversee recruitment events

Items to oversee include:

Finding the prospective members • • Sending invites Creating the event agenda • • Collecting event attendee names/best time to follow-up Following up with the attendees to invite them to a club meeting or asking them to join

Finding Potential Members

• • • • • Information on businesses and industries in the geographic area of the club Local Chamber of Commerce or similar organization Civic and professional organizations Friends and family of current members Contacts and recommendations from current members

Sending Invitations

• • • Electronic or Paper? Save the date?

Include information about the agenda

Creating the Event Agenda

• • • • • What is traditional in your country or city?

Speaker Service opportunity Refreshments Information about your club, your members, and Zonta International

Following Up with the Attendees

• • • Be timely – is it a phone call, an email, or a quick note?

Find out how your guests want to be contacted.

It may take more than one ask.

Lt. Governor Joanne Raymond, District 04 Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo

Getting the word out • Clubs are always encouraged to have a membership display about Zonta at club events in the community, including fundraisers to attract members to Zonta • List of potential members from events is collected and the club is encouraged to invite them to the information evening

Night of the Recruitment Event

• • • • Information evening is held prior to a regular meeting that same night Various members of the membership committee share important information about Zonta Potential members are given a package of further information about Zonta which includes more details Potential members are encouraged to stay for the meeting so that they can see the club in action


• • • The potential member is contacted after the event Application form is completed by the potential member which is reviewed by the membership committee. After being reviewed by the committee, the name is then presented to the Club Board before the person is inducted.

Many times, the new member and their mentor are put on the same committees at the beginning of their membership to help the new member feel more comfortable


• • • • Plan • Find the right team and let them put together a great event Execute the plan • Have all club members assist Follow-up • Email, phone calls, be persistent Evaluate • Did it work, what would you do again, what would you do differently?

New Membership Opportunity

• If a new or charter member joins between 1 April – 31 May 2014, they only have to pay ZI dues for one year taking their membership to 31 May 2015. • • • • A toolkit has been provided for our clubs to assist them at the following link: http://www.zonta.org/ClubsLeadership/Tools/MembershipOpport unity.aspx

Included are: Guidesheet on sample recruitment event ideas Email invite template for clubs to invite people to recruitment events Basic PR guide on how to publicize Zonta in your community Graphic for you to use

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