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After a BOM

After the presentation

• If one on one, sit opposite your guest and mirror the way they are sitting – be subtle.

• Ask “What did you like about the presentation?” Get Yes’s.

• Listen to what your guest has to say. If there is an objection, use the “Feel, Felt, Found” approach – “I know how you feel, I felt the same, but do you know what I found”…Company, Products, Timing/Trends, Compensation Plan and Leverage.


• If you guest then says “I can’t do it”, “I don’t know about this network marketing stuff”,

Lead with the money.

• Ask “How much do you make a month and how many hours would you have to put in a week to make that? What if I could show you how to make $3-5K a month in 4 months in just 5-10 hours a week.” • Again, you want to get to a “Yes”. If they say No, then you thank them for coming -


• ABC!!! - Always Be Confident

Getting started

• When your guest says Yes to the money, then show them how to get started.

• Register – they get and ID# to buy goods at wholesale and get on ADP. They can also sell at retail.

• Point out that being an Executive is the way to make the most money. If your guest expresses concern at the outlay, then say “If I told you that your total loss is just $185 would you do it?” Get to “Yes”.

Don’t waste your time!

• If your guest says he/she wants to think about it, say “If you want to be a business partner, you need to make a decision in the next two days but before you make a decision either way, I want you to come out to our head office so I can show you the company and our products.” • Send them away with some homework to check a couple of websites (SupplementWatch, GotYourNumber) • The 2 days is crucial because you have given them a sense of urgency and you’re not left waiting to see if they will sign or not.

• Do not give them unlimited time to get back to you. Your time is precious!

• If after they’ve met you at the office and they still have concerns, DO NOT let them leave. Address their concerns by going thru the 5 areas (Company, products, comp plan, leverage, timing)

Why people don’t sign

• There is only one reason “



• You need to help them overcome this.

• Address their concerns one by one. Always control the questions and conversation convincing. – DO NOT waste your time with people who need Do NOT volunteer information unless asked.

• If they say they don’t have time, ask them “Out of curiosity, why did you meet me” or “How much time do you think you need to do this business?”

I don’t have the money

• Distinguish between whether they have no money or they have the money but they don’t want to spend it.

• If they have a credit card, they have the money. If they have a job, they will get the money on pay day!


• 60-75% of your Close is in the bonding, the remainder is on the presentation.

• Bond on occupation, family, recreation • Occupational Bonding - questions on what they do for a job – eg if they say they’re a computer programmer, then say “That must be really interesting and exciting”. 99% of the time, they will talk down the level of interest and excitement of their job. They will want you to hear their pain. If they agree with you, then ask “Just out of curiosity, what made you come to tonight’s meeting”

Congratulations – your guest has signed!

• Get them to training within 48 hours!

• If you’ve signed them on Thursday, they must attend training on Saturday.

• Do not let them invite any guests until they have practiced their invite on you.

• If there is no training session within 48 hours then organize a private training session with them.

You want them to help them succeed in their first invite!

• Most Important – Work on an Action Plan with them