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The Berlin Conference
• Using the following link for
information on the Berlin
• Write your answers using a
variety of dependent and
independent clauses.
• Review Dependent and
Independent Clauses (from
PowerPoint) .
• Write your answers on the sheet I
have provided.
• Answer these questions based on
the reading below using complete
• 1. List 3 reasons why Europeans
wanted to take over Africa?
• 2. What was the Berlin
• 3. What agreements came out of
the Berlin Conference?
• 4. What considerations were
made by the Europeans to the
native Africans?
• 5. Make a guess: How will the
decisions made at the conference
change Africa?
Imperialism - the policy of extending the rule
or influence of a country over other countries
or colonies
Idealism - belief in and pursuit of perfection as
an attainable goal
Resolution - the process of resolving something
such as a problem or dispute
Protectorate - a country or region that is
defended and controlled by a more powerful
state, or the relationship between the two.
Indigenous - originating in and naturally living,
growing, or occurring in a region or country