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How does much of
Africa look today?
Keep in mind that this unit
gives the foundation of
why our world looks the
way it does today. With
that said…
Which country has the most
landmass under its control?
How does this total land
mass compare to the size of
the mother country?
Which country has
colonized the least
land mass?
Why might this be?
Approximately what
percentage of the
world is not controlled
by Europe?
In Berlin our continent was divided up.
They came to educate us.
They came to civilize us.
The Berlin Treaty has hurt me for a long time.
But the worst of it was that I was taught this date.
Then for a whole hour we were cited the names of
the parties to the Berlin Treaty.
We were told of…
Their exceptional abilities,
The courage of their explorers
Their selfless humanism.
But nobody,
Absolutely nobody pointed out the insult,
the shame, which accompanied us Africans
My people became a machine.
They were controlled from a distance, they were
almost dead.
The awareness of their personality had died away.
My people were colonized.
What do you think
prevented the
colonization of those
other countries?
How and why do you think
the US acquired Puerto
Rico, Guam, the
Philippines, Hawaii,
Alaska and the Midway
Why would
someone do
this? Take each
other over, I
I pity the fool
who can’t
remember the
5 main
motives for
Motives for Imperialism
• Economic
• Religious
• Exploratory
• Political
• Ideological
That’s great and all, but I
can’t even remember the
different types of
imperialism. I mean,
those are the ones I got
wrong on that last quiz.
Who can tell Mr. Keiser the
difference between a
sphere of influence, a
protectorate, and a colony?
Types of Imperialism
• Sphere of Influence: When one country affects
another country, specifically through trade and
foreign affairs
• Protectorate: When one country controls another
country, but the country being controlled retains
their own government
• Colony: When one country takes over another
country by completely controlling them and
replacing their government
And I’m such a bad
human that I slept
through the notes and
can’t tell you anything
about Gandhi.
Raise a
hand and
tell me
When I despair, I remember
that all through history the
ways of truth and love have
always won. There have
been tyrants, and
murderers, and for a time
they can seem invincible,
but in the end they always
fall. Think of it…always.