Chapter 15-Section 3

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Fascism Rises in Europe
Chapter 15 / Section 3
Fascism Rises in Europe
 During
the Depression of the
1930’s millions of people around
the world lost faith in the
Democratic way of government.
 In response, people turned to an
extreme new form of government
called Fascism
Fascist Beliefs and Policies
 Fascism-
A political
movement that
promotes an extreme
form of Nationalism,
a denial of individual
rights, and a
dictatorial one-party
Fascist Beliefs and Policies
 Fascists
promised to revive the
economy, punish those responsible
for hard times, and restore national
 Their message attracted many
people that were frustrated and
angered by the peace treaties after
World War I and the Great
Fascist Beliefs and Policies
Fascism had no clear
 However, most fascists
shared these ideas:
1)Nationalism 2)
3) Uniforms of a
certain color, special
salutes,massive rallies
Fascism v. Communism
 In
some ways Fascism was similar
to Communism.
 Ruled by dictators, one party rule,
denial of individual rights.
 In both, the state was supreme.
Mussolini comes to Power in Italy
Mussolini Comes to Power
 Fascism
came to power in Italy due
to the disappointment over the
failure to obtain territory during the
Paris Peace talks of 1919
 Rising inflation and unemployment
also contributed to widespread
doubt in the current democratic
government, they wanted a leader
who would take action
The Rise of Mussolini
Mussolini – A newspaper
editor and politician.
 Boldly promised to restore Italy’s
economy in addition to
strengthening it’s military
 Mussolini gained support because
he was seen as a strong leader
 In October 1922, after 30,000
fascists march on Rome, Mussolini
takes control of Govt.
 Benito
Mussolini as IL Duce’
 Abolished
 Outlawed all political parties except
The Fascist.
 Secret Police jailed his opponents.
 Government censored radio and
 Formed relationships between large
industrialists and large landowners
and The Fascist Party-Economy
Hitler Takes Control in Germany
 Adolph
Hitler- a little-known
political leader in the mid- 1920’s.
 Ex-WWI soldier who later joined the
National Socialist German Workers’
Party, known as Nazi for short.
 Policies of the group supported the
middle and lower class.
Hitler Takes Control in Germany
 Hitler was a great speaker and
organizer, helps him gain power.
 In jail Hitler writes, Mein Kampf
(My Struggle) which tells of his
goals for Germany.
 Declares lebensraum, or living
space in Germany is needed.
Hitler Takes Control in Germany
 Once
elected by the Nazi party
Hitler rises to Chancellor by 1933.
 From that point on Hitler finds ways
to make himself more powerful.
 However, during this time Hitler
drops unemployment in the country
from 6% to 1.5%.
Hitler Takes Control in Germany
 Hitler wasn’t just happy as
Chancellor, he becomes the Fuher,
 His plan is to dictate not only
economic and political life, but ALL
 First thing he did was begin war
with JEWS. SS leads the way.