Aim: How did Fascism reshape life in Italy?

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Transcript Aim: How did Fascism reshape life in Italy?

Do Now:
What is Fascism?
Who are some fascist dictators?
 Duce II (EEL Doo chay) – Means, ‘The Leader”.
 Fascist Youth – teaching children that Mussolini is
always right! Training children for the next generation
of Italian power.
 Fascism – antidemocratic. Absolute power of the state
by one ruler.
1 – ended free & fair elections, jailed & executed critics of Fascism
2 – used secret police to carry out political assassinations
3 – Mussolini had total control over most of Italian life
1 – Fascist government controlled the economy; workers weren’t
allowed to strike & the government set the prices of goods
1 – men were encouraged to become soldiers, women were
supposed to have large families
2 – all citizens were taught to obey the government without
3 – Italian children were brainwashed to obey Mussolini & fight
for Italy’s glory
 Read the handout on Mussolini’s Italy
 Underline or highlight the important information
 Answer questions 1 – 10 in FULL SENTENCES
 This will be collected & count as a 100 point quiz grade
 If you lived in Italy would you have voted for
Mussolini? Why or why not?