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Reception Pop In

Autumn Term 2

Our curriculum Our Reception curriculum is divided into 6 Areas of Learning:

      Personal, Social and Emotional Development Communication, Language and Literacy Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy Knowledge and Understanding of the World Physical Development Creative Development

Entitlement Foundation Stage children are entitled to:

 50% teacher-led and 50% child-initiated activities  50% indoor and 50% outdoor learning


Term 1

Looking after Ourselves

Term 2

In the Woods

Seasonal changes, woodland creatures  and their habitats


Christmas performance: Thursday 8 th (pm) and Friday 9 th (am) December

Creative Activities

      Exploring the nature area Leaf rubbings and printing Acting out stories (We’re going on a bear hunt, Owl babies, The Gruffalo) Fingerprint owls Salt dough hedgehogs Making a habitat for a toy animal     Christmas cards Christmas decorations Christmas nativity Christmas entertainer

Daily activities

          Registration Assembly Day, date, weather Morning milk and fruit time Phonics Playtime Lunchtime Singing Story Home time

Help your child to read

   Read stories to them – dad as well as mum.

Let children see you reading.

Read notices in the environment.

  Your child will bring home 2 books each week, one which we choose and one of their choice. Books are changed on Fridays, so please ensure they are in your child’s reading bag on that day.

Make reading a pleasure!

Reading with your child

            Find a quiet place to sit and enjoy the book together.

Let your child hold the book. Talk about the cover. What does he/she think the book is about?

Who is the author and who is the illustrator? What do they mean?

Encourage your child to turn the pages independently, from the front to the back.

Talk about the pictures on each page. What can they see? What do they think is happening?

Help your child identify the text. Encourage them to point to each word from left to right as you or your child decodes the text.

Look out for any repetitive text in the book.

Encourage your child to ‘sound out’ words using their phonic knowledge (c-a-t, d-o-g). Help them recognise ‘tricky words’ which you know they have learnt.

Can your child predict what will happen next in the story? At the end of the story, can they tell you what it was about?


During writing activities, we focus on:       ensuring an efficient pencil grip ensuring correct letter formation modelling writing ‘talk for writing’ sounding words out (segmenting) reading the words / sentence back


We are focusing this term on:            Counting in ones to 10 Being able to count on from a given number within 10 Counting backwards from 10 Understanding the concepts of more and less Understanding the concepts of adding and subtracting Matching and sorting activities Recognising simple 2-D shapes and talk about their properties Being able to talk about, recognise and recreate patterns Recognising and ordering numerals to 10 Writing numerals to 10 Using mathematical ideas to solve problems


    Sounds books – practise four or five times a week.

Reading school books and other books from home.

Encourage writing activities – eg. shopping lists, names in cards etc.

Check out our Foundation Stage page on our school website for some ideas of other sites with activities to support your child’s learning. Visit



      Name clothes, water bottles, lunch boxes and fruit containers.

Encourage your child to be independent and to take responsibility for their belongings.

Encourage your child to dress and undress themselves. Encourage your child to put sleeves the right way round when they take off their coats and jumpers.

Please make sure your child’s pink sounds book is kept in their reading bag.

Please check book bags each day for letters etc.

Please inform us of any changes to personal details.

And finally …

Reception staff are available before and after school each day.

Mrs Sally Hare – class teacher Miss Amy Gardner – class teacher Mrs Sharon Louth – teaching assistant Mrs Clare Rangeley – teaching assistant Please feel free to come and see us if you have any questions or concerns.