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• Познакомиться с традициями
Великобритании на примере
празднования Рождества.
• Оценить свой уровень владения
английским языком, применить знания и
умения в новой ситуации
Topics for discussion:
It is the most important festival of the year.
People celebrate the birth of Christ.
Everyone starts to look for presents.
Carol-singers can be heard on the streets.
Most families decorate their houses and have a Christmas tree in the front
Everybody gives presents to relatives and friends.
• Children leave stockings at the end of their bed.
Father Christmas come down the chimney
during the night.
• Some children leave a drink and a mince pie for Father Christmas
and some vegetables for his animals.
• After breakfast they open their presents around
the tree.
• In the evening, people eat cold meat, and
Christmas cake, fruits and nuts.
• Children leave a stocking for Father Christmas
on Christmas Eve.
• Before they start to eat their dinner, they pull
• At 3 o’clock, many people in Britain turn on their
• They usually wake up very early on Christmas
• Holly brings good luck!
• Putting a silver coin in the pudding is to
bring wealth, health and happiness to
whoever finds it.
• If spinster or bachelor finds a ring in the
pudding, it means marriage.