EOC Reading Strategies!!

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EOC Reading
You’ve got this!!
Reading Passages
 Read it as if you weren’t even
taking a test. If you don’t
understand it, keep reading!
 Look at the BIG PICTURE!
 What is the main idea?
 What is the author’s purpose?
 What is the theme/message?
Taking Notes
 Taking
notes on each paragraph is
essential when you have to go back to
answer questions.
 Write a main idea only- one or two words
of what the paragraph is about out beside
 Pay attention to the tone of the passage
Answering Questions
Find key words or phrases in
the question that will help you
choose the correct answer.
Don't guess blindly, BUT
think about the best
answer choice, AND
make it!
Multiple Choice Questions
• Read
the question and all answer choices
before marking anything.
Make sure you understand
what the question is asking.
• Break it down!
• Be sure you are responding to
the question that is being
Use Process of
• After you have been through all of
the questions once, go back and find
the line reference and vocabulary questions.
• Always go back to the passage to
find the answer!!
If you can eliminate two wrong
answers on any question, your chance of
choosing the right answer is
Vocabulary and Line
reference questions first!!!
up words in the
dictionary!! Use it or else!!
Line reference questions
help you with details that
you need to know to for
the answer choices &
plug them into the
If it doesn’t make sense,
eliminate it!
Sometimes you need to reread the paragraph!
Line reference or detail
details the question is
talking about in the passage.
Sometimes the answer is not in
the exact same words as in the
Pick the answer that is closest in
Main idea questions
idea MUST relate
to entire passage
Re-read topic
sentences of
Conclusion and Inference
 Author
does not state idea directly
 Use what you know already plus
info from the story to make your
answer choice
 Eliminate off the wall answer
 If the answer choice refers to only
one or two details it is probably NOT
Skip, Return, Check
If you finish early,
check to make sure
you have answered all
questions correctly
Do not change your
answers unless you are
VERY uncertain about
your first answer choice
Test-taking Strategies
• The morning of the test, start your
day as you always do.
• Eat a good breakfast.
• Think of what you will do to relax
after you get home from school.
• Think Positively! You can do this!!!