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Friday, 17 July 2015
Another autobiography
 Part travel literature
 Which other passage you have read could you say this
 SO what do you expect to find?
Content: Kari Herbert sympathises with
both hunter and hunted, and this tension is
shown in this passage.
 This is similar to the work you did on FUR in the winter…
 Check whether you understand the passage:
 Why do the Inughuit hunt the narwhal? Find as many
reasons as you can.
 What details show the difficulties and dangers faced by the
Inughuit in the hunt?
 What details show the writer’s respect and sympathy for
the narwhal?
 Annotate accordingly.
 This passage has many purposes. The writer uses
language in differing ways to fulfil these. She uses
description to convey the beauty of the setting,
gives us information about the Inughuit and the
narwhal, dramatises the hunt, and gives us an
insight into her own thoughts and feelings.
What are the following examples
glittering kingdom
– [Its] mattak or blubber… is rich in
necessary minerals and vitamins
Spinning round at a small gasp
The dilemma stayed with me the whole time that I was
in Greenland
 Go through the text and highlight suitable passages to
act as examples of the various writing types – don’t
forget to label them!