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Of Mice and Men
Chapter 2 Discussion/Activities
Today I will be able to:
1. Review and discuss the plot for chapter 2 as
we do a cold call activity and go over the
study guide questions.
2. Analyze characterization and elements of
foreshadowing as we make inferences and
predictions from chapter 2 through a writing
Cold Call
• Take 2 minutes to review the chapter or your
study guide questions.
Mrs. Hulcher will call on you and ask a
question about the plot of chapter 2.
Be prepared to answer.
This will help us to see if you have read it
and if you understand what happened in
chapter 2.
Discussion of Study Guide
Questions for Chapter 2
Have your chapter 2 study guides out.
Be prepared to answer.
Writing Activity for Chapter
Choose a passage from Chapter 2 from Of Mice and Men
(at least 10 lines long).
The passage should contain character actions or dialogue.
Write down the page number where you find the passage
and explain briefly what happens in it.
Explain what you infer about the character(s) from this
Explain what words and descriptions specifically lead you to
your inference.
Are there any elements of foreshadowing here? Explain.
Explain any predictions you have about the character(s) or the
Reflecting on Writing Activity
Share your passage, your inferences and your
prediction with your shoulder partner, Take 2
On a scale of 1-5 write down how well you are
able to describe the characters and identify
elements of foreshadowing from the passages
you wrote about.