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Summarizing vs.
LT: I can tell the difference between a summary and an
LT: I can write a summary of a nonfiction text.
What is a summary?
A SUMMARY is a retelling or review of the main points in a text. Summarizing
is easier than analysis, because it requires less thought. When writing a
summary, assume the reader of your summary has read the text, they just
need a reminder of the key points made.
5 Criteria of a Summary
1. Condenses (shortens) the original text
a. ¼ the length of the original text
2. Includes only important information
3. Includes only what is in the passage
4. Written in writer’s own words
5. Well-written (follows stand writing requirements/punctuation)
What NOT to do in summary
4 Summary Don’ts
1. Don’t use any questions
2. NO first person (“I”)
3. Avoid Dialogue
4. Begin paragraph with information from the text
a. NO: “This passage is about…” “What I read was”
b. YES: “This article states that dogs can read human body
language. It explains that the history behind….”
What is an analysis?
An ANALYSIS is an examination, evaluation, and dissection of the text.
Analysis is more challenging than a summary because it requires you to read
between the lines and connections to previous knowledge.
Questions to ask during Analysis
1. What is the author’s purpose in writing this article?
2. What is the main idea the author wants the reader to understand?
3. What lines in the text (textual evidence) supports the main idea of
the text?
4. How does the evidence I’ve collected support the main idea?
Today’s Task
LT: I can write a summary that meets the criteria of a summary.
1st- Read the passage, identify main idea.
2nd- Write a summary using the five criteria