Crack the code: using qr codes in the classroom

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Transcript Crack the code: using qr codes in the classroom

Presentation by: Jenna Hobson
What are QR codes?
“QR” stands for “quick response”
 Info can be linked to the code, so once
scanned, you have access to that info
 Info can be text, videos, websites, etc.
Not just for use in 1-1 iPad classrooms!
Apps for Scanning Codes?
 Qrafter
 Genius Scan
 Scan
Creating QR Codes
 Google Docs
For step-by-step directions on creating multiple codes at
once using Google Docs, scan here!
Benefits of QR codes
Enhances opportunities for student
choice (Bloom’s!)
 Time/space saver (sanity!)
 Fosters independence and creativity
 They sure “QR” fun! (laughter: the best
Using QR Codes: Classroom
Contact information for parents—
courtesy Heather Gant,
1st/2nd Grade Looping Teacher
Daily Schedule
 “I’m Done. What ‘QR’ do?” chart—
for early finishers
 “I can” statements—post at stations
Using QR Codes: Classroom
Grouping—random groups; facilitates
discussion amongst peers; same students
prevented from “always” partnering up; no
need to create your own—just clip off from
commonly purchased products and voila!
 Homework—quick access to webcasts,
Math problem examples, anchor charts in
 Classroom library books—inventory,
Using QR Codes: Writing Activities
Picture Prompts
Story Prompts
 Grammar review
Using QR Codes: Science/Social
“Walk Around a City”—learning about
cities around the world
Research—create QR codes for
approved websites; quicker than typing
in URLs
 Current Events board—students create
codes linking to a news article; add to
board throughout the year
Using QR Codes: Other Ideas
“QR Us”—getting to know you question
 “QR Moves”—brain breaks/exercises;
keep handy in a container on desk
 “The hills are alive with ‘QR’s’ and
music…”—independent/station work
music choice; different genre each day
 “QR Matey!”—scavenger/treasure hunts;
create a code for each clue; set up
around classroom or school
I Want More!
 http://insidetheclassroomoutsidethebox.wor
 When in doubt…Pinterest!