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Tech High School - HSE 2011
Scan n’ Go
Front Row (Left to Right): Kayla Murray, Caleb Onyango, Ronald McCullough, Courtney Roscoe, Corey Goss, Kris Davis
Back Row (Left to Right): Quanesha Perkins, Ty Nesby, Melody Glynn, DeVonte Dixon, Ibrahim Carson, Mr. Luong, David
Almond, Ben Reck
Not pictured: Jasmine Williams,
Meetings: Mondays and Thursdays: 3:30-4:30
Scan n’ Go
Have you ever forgotten the combination to
your locker?
Scan n’ Go eliminates the problem of
memorizing codes and saves you more
time between classes.
When you scan your student id card, the
magnetic strip in the card will move the
piston which will unlock the locker.