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Welcome to Oswego Middle School
Home of the Buccaneers
School Supply Lists Posted Early Summer
Articles of Interest
Daily Announcements
School Newsletter
Breakfast - 7:15
Doors Open – 7:25 (Bell Rings – 7:30)
1st Period Begins – 7:36
9 Period Day – 45 minute classes
Lunch – 30 minutes
Family and Consumer Science
Foreign Language – 8th Grade ONLY
Art, Music, PE
ELA, SS, Science, Math
*NEW* Accelerated Math and
Science – Grade 7
High School Level Courses: Career
and Financial Management,
Integrated Algebra , Living
Environment (Biology) (Fall 2014)
and Foreign Language
Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Sports
7E, 7W, 7S Teams
Math, Science, English , Social Studies . . . All rooms located in the same hallway . . .
Team Activities and Events . . . Ex. The Hunger Games . . .
All 7th Grade Students enter through the MAIN DOOR as all 7th grade lockers and
classrooms are on the MAIN LEVEL of the building . . . Doors open at 7:25 in the morning –
You do not need to arrive at school any earlier than that . . . Arrangements can be made to stay
After school with teachers for extra help . ..
Combination Lock on Both –
you may want to purchase an inexpensive lock to
practice with this summer – to make sure you
know how to enter a combination
(we will provide you with locks when you
arrive at school in the fall.
NEVER share your combinations
NEVER share your actual locker
Small Deposit for the Lock you will use in PE
Bathrooms and Water Fountains are available on each floor . . . 7th and 8th Grade . . .
Some LARGER lockers available to students who regularly demonstrate the
PBIS Behavioral Traits
(At OMS you will need to change into Gym Clothes for PE . . . .
The clothes you change into must be appropriate for physical activity . . .
We also have a POOL at OMS . . . All Gym classes will swim for 3 months )
French and Spanish . . . You can earn High School Credit . . . Not until 8th Grade . . .
. . . French Club Trip to Montreal
•Linda Dutil RN.
•Fall Pep Rally
•Greg Callen –
‘Move It Along’
•8th Grade Awards
Please see Handout with all CLUBS and advisors listed for the 2013– 2014School year
Football, Soccer, Cross – Country, Swim, JV Tennis at OHS
Basketball, Wrestling, Volleyball
Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Track
7th Grade Counselor – Mrs. Pearson
8th Grade Counselor – Mrs. Cooper
Social Worker – Mrs. Dewey – Flint
School Psychologist – Ms. Barbarino
Principal – Mrs. Fierro
Assistant Principal – Mrs. Proud