Transcript Training

문법? 재미없다고?
오늘은 시제를 알아봅니다..
* The Right Answers are …
1. Please don't make so much noise. I (work /am
working) now.
2. An interpreter (translates/ is translating) one
language into another.
3. I (went / have gone) to the cinema three times last
4. I (met, have met) a lot of people in the last few
5. Ow!~ I (cut / have cut) my finger. It’s bleeding.
6. I'll phone you when I (get/ will get) home from
7. They went out after lunch and they
just (came/have just come) back.
8. I won't speak to her until she
(apologizes / will apologize) to me.
9. He liked the book she (has bought/
had bought) for him the day before.
10. Air (consists / is consisting)
mainly of nitrogen and oxygen. 상태 동사
11. He (will see / will have seen) the
movie three times if he sees it
12. Two days ago I met a schoolmate whom I (hasn’t seen / hadn’t
seen) for a long time.
13. (Did you see /Have you seen) the
news on television last night?
14. Water (boils, is boiling) at 100
degree Celsius.
15. I want to see Margret before she
(goes/ will go) out.
16. This room (smells, is smelling).
Let’s open the window.
17. Look at those black clouds! It (will,
is going to) rain.
18. I'd like to play tennis tomorrow if
the weather (is / will be) nice.
19. Look!~ That man (tries / is trying)
to open the door of your car.
20. She (will do / will have done) that
job by the end of this year.
21. Everything is going well. We (didn’t
have / haven’t had) any problem so
22. She told me her name but I (don’t
remember, am not remembering) it
23. If any (calls / will call), tell him I
will be back in half an hour.
24. Since 1964, there (were / have
been) no earthquakes here.
내친 김에 몇 개만 더 해봅니다.
25. We'll get wet if we (go/will go) out
26. Jill (doesn't belong / isn't
belonging) to any
political party.
27. I wondered where they (have been /
had been) till then.
28. Tomorrow is the day when my sister
(marries/ will marry).
29. "Where's your key?" "I don't know. I
(lost/have lost it).
30. As soon as the vacation (begins /
will begin),
this beach will be very crowded.
31. I (live / am living) with some friends
until I find a flat.
32. Jack grew a beard but now he (sha
ved/ has
shaved) it off.
33. I will never give up until I (realize /
will realize) my dream.
34. When (did you finish / have you fini
shed) your work?
35. Next year they(will be/ will have be
en) married for 25 years.
36. We (have known/ have been knowin
g) each
other since we were children.