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--The Ottoman Empire began in 1299, in
present day Turkey, which is located in
southwestern Asia.
--The empire later grew and included
parts of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and
Growth Of the Ottoman Empire
 The Ottoman Empire grew fast by taking
over many regions.
Soon it was one of the largest empires in
the world.
By 1451, the Ottomans ruled many cities
in the Middle East and Europe.
In 1453, the Ottomans took
Constantinople (later called Istanbul
located in present day Turkey).
Constantinople was the capital of the
Ottoman Empire.
It was one of the largest cities of the time.
The 16th Century (1500’s) was
the best time for Ottomans…
 Suleyman, the son of Selim I, ruled from 1520
to 1566.
 He expanded the empire
**The Ottoman Empire is best known for
spreading Islam throughout parts of the
**Suleman died in 1566, by which time he was
the best known Muslim leader in the world.
 All Ottoman rulers followed Islam!!!
Impact of Ottomans—
 They spread the Islamic Religion
 Ottomans controlled many important trade
 Europe & Asia were linked together by
Ottoman trade routes---this helped spread
the Islamic culture and religion
 Many countries saw the Ottomans as a threat
because they were so powerful
 Christians did not want the Ottomans to
spread Islam
Decline and End of Ottoman…
 By the 20th century, the Ottoman Empire was
 The Ottomans sided with the losing side during
World War I, which fought against the Allied
powers of England, France, Russia, and the
United States.
 After World War I ended the Ottoman Empire
was crushed & it broke up…shortly after and the
land was split between European nations.
 Soon after World War I ended Middle Eastern
nations were formed in the land that was once
known as the Ottoman Empire
 This created unfair boundaries &
mixed ethnic groups who did not get
along with each other.