Transcript AHP SIP

Allied Healthcare Professions
Service Improvement Projects
Regional Event
Getting the most from your day
Outcomes of the day
• to design your service improvement project to decrease
waiting times
• to write your action plan and establish how to measure
your improvement
• to understand the strategic purpose and build a
sustainable network to support the improvement process
• to learn some tools and techniques to progress your
projects and share good practice in improvement
Criteria for success: Service Improvement Project Profile
Model for Improvement
What are we trying to
How will we know that a
change is an improvement?
project aims and targets
measurement to show progress in relation to
aims and targets
What changes can we make that
will result in improvement?
PDSA cycles - testing ideas before
implementing changes
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How will you do this?
Developing your idea
•agree service area and initial design
•decide where you need to ‘tool up’
Learning Sets
•attend facilitated learning sessions to gather
Complete Project Profiles
•work as a team to complete your SIP Project
Opportunity to showcase
•share your SIP ideas with your peers to build
Questions and next steps
•ensure your are fully aware of the next steps
tools and techniques
profile using support of facilitators and local
up a ‘Community of Practice’ within your SHA
for the AHP SIP Programme
Deciding on your Learning Sets
Everyone will attend:
• a) - turning data into knowledge and action
You can choose two further topics from:
• b) - project management
• c) - process and service redesign
• d) - influence and impact
• e) - capturing and sharing outcomes
• work as a team to identify your learning needs to ‘tool up’
to complete the Project Profile
Rules of engagement!
• today is not about ‘pass’ or ‘fail’
• this is your learning opportunity to develop competencies
– improved skills in communication, influencing, negotiating
and presentation
– sharper strategic thinking, and political astuteness
– improved confidence including self-belief and self-reliance
– application of tools and techniques for service improvement
• everyone should participate – DH/local ‘experts/facilitators
• work as SIP team not as individuals
• timings are tight so please know where you should be and
get there!
• any immediate questions?
Enjoy the day and Good Luck!
Lindsay Winterton
Mobile 07801 376 011
[email protected]