MobileMonday China application template

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Transcript MobileMonday China application template

Applicant Name

Location Type of company (Cloud, Social Network, Advertising, Gaming etc)

What does your business do, for whom and how?

What is the problem your are addressing Clearly state the need or the pain that you have identified

Your Insights to solve the problem Explain how you have thought through a solution of this big pain point that you have discovered.

This will probably be the most important slide.

The problem identified and solution found should be business worthy enough to proceed from here on

Visual Reference, Demo, Video of the product At this stage, it would be great if you show the problem and the solution visually. If your startup is a website/app – set up a live link so that you an present it directly if required.

Do you have proof of traction? Talk about user growth/customers using the service/brands signed up/clients who have paid/etc

The market size and potential Describe your vision of long term market, how big, why (provide research)?

How and why our solution will remain relevant and grow in the next 3-5 years?

Competition mapping Explain who is your competition, what they do, how ahead or near are they to you, who has funded them, has there been any acquisitions in this space Clearly state how different you are from the competition

What is the core strategy?

Explain the reason why your business will succeed!

Business model Explain how to make money!

Revenues and scale

Threats/ Opportunities /weaknesses

Outcome of the business What do you expect your business to become? Exit Scenarios? Trade sale to whom (M&A)? IPO?


Are you or will you be raising money? If yes, how much / when / for what purpose?

The founders and team experiences and education backgrounds of key members)

Company Address, contact detail of founder -> how to reach you!