Introducing The Resource Alliance

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Transcript Introducing The Resource Alliance

The Resource Alliance
We are a UK registered charity,
established in 1981, with offices in India,
Uganda, the Czech Republic and Brazil.
Our mission is to:
Build the fundraising capacity of the
non profit sector worldwide
• We provide resources, training and networking opportunities to inspire,
develop and connect fundraisers and to promote professional and ethical
Our major events
We run major annual international training
events, including:
– the International Fundraising
Congress (IFC), renowned as the
leading conference for senior
fundraisers in the global North.
– the International Workshop on
Resource Mobilisation (IWRM)
bringing together fundraisers in the
global South.
– the IFC Online, the world’s first global
fundraising e-conference, bringing 3
days of workshops to 12 time-zones.
Our worldwide programmes
Regional workshops with partner
organisations in Asia, Africa, Latin America,
Eastern Europe.
Accredited courses in fundraising run in
partnership with academic institutions in 4
languages and 15 cities around the world.
National NGO Awards, celebrating and
rewarding excellence and best practice in
NGO management in India and Malaysia.
Customised training and coaching programmes to build the financial
sustainability of local NGOs in most parts of the world.
Where we work
Resource Alliance offices / staff
Where we are currently working
Our services
While our emphasis is on developing
financial sustainability, we adopt a
holistic approach and look at all steps
required for an organisation to create
the conditions for success in resource
Our services include:
– Fundraising audits
– Feasibility studies
– Prospect research
– Fundraising strategy
– Training in Fundraising
– Mentoring and coaching
Past & present successes
We have worked in over 25 countries throughout Asia, Africa and Latin
America & have expert trainers in most parts of the world.
Past projects include:
– Donor mapping & engagement strategy (for Oxfam India)
– Researching financial sustainability of community centres (for Microsoft)
– Fundraising training and developing an NGO network (for EU / Ministry of Health,
– Training of trainers in social entrepreneurship (for UNDP Moldova)
Capacity building programmes for DfID, WSPA, Sightsavers International,
Comic Relief, Christian Blind Mission and others.