Your leadership potential

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Transcript Your leadership potential



• What make a good leader?

• Creating Your Personal Brand • What are the key skills that you can start working on now?

• Key steps to broadening your talents and leadership potential


• What will you come away with?

• Key tips and ideas to: • • • • Improve your skill set Market yourself in the workplace Identify potential opportunities Set up a career pathway to success

What makes a good leader?

• Creative • Enthusiastic • Confident • Knowledgeable • Engaging • Approachable • Motivating • Inspirational • Innovative • Dynamic • Trustworthy • Fair • Sense of Humour • Talented • Decisive • Assertive • Passionate • Magnanimous

Your Leadership Brand

• What can you do to create a career in leadership?

• Networking • High performance • Broad range of skills • Relationship building • Knowledge sharing • Achieving team and individual goals and targets • Going the extra mile

How to Develop these Skills

• What can you do to add to your toolbox of leadership potential?

• Understand the business you work for • Create partnerships with different departments • Get involved in projects • Take on additional responsibility • Get a mentor • Take constructive feedback about your approach to work • Participate in learning and development opportunities • Be open to change

How have you started to add to your leadership potential?

• University project work • Work experience • Internships • Academic success • Volunteer work • Projects within AIESIC • Sporting and other activities

How do you describe or market these skills?

• Strong communication skills with the ability to liaise with all levels of the business • Capable of providing clear direction in relation to projects, people and processes • Facilitates engaging presentations and workshops that encourage audience participation • Able to build industry networks to increase expertise and knowledge • Provides an exemplary level of customer service to a wide range of clients

How do you describe or market these skills?

• Highly organised managing multiple tasks to achieve key deadlines • Capable of working with all levels of the business from senior management through to front line staff • Identified innovative solutions to problems that result in positive outcomes for clients • Proven ability across all facets of the business including sales, marketing, finance and HR

What Next?

• Think about 3 key projects, tasks, or skills that you can describe that matches a quality of leadership • Can you provide robust examples to support this?

• How can you continue to develop or improve this skill?