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Internet Marketing Planning
Week 6
• The brief
• The internet marketing plan
• Defining the stages in preparing Internet
marketing plans
• Content analysis
A Simple Brief to the Web
• State who you are?
• What do you want to do and what image do you
want to portray?
• Why do you want to establish a web site?
• Who will be attracted?
• What messages do you want to relay to browsers
– This includes the messages
– The Internet business model
• Define the site map
An operational plan to achieve an
Internet marketing strategy through
implementation of a new version of a
web site and associated marketing
Who are the Potential Audience
Different potential audiences for a web site
Customers vary by
Third parties
New or existing prospects
New or existing
New or existing
Size of prospect companies (e.g. small,
medium or large)
Different departments
Market type (e.g. different vertical
Sales staff for
different markets
Location (by country)
Location (by country)
Members of buying process (decision
makers, influencers, buyers)
Biggest Impact on profitability
• The most profitable customers
• The largest customers
• Customers who are difficult to target using other
• Customers who are not brand loyal
• Decision makers
A site may need to support customers from a range
of countries with:
• Different product needs
• Language differences
• Cultural differences
Tailoring of web site information for individual
countries or regions
Integrating ‘the nets’
• Presentation
• Interaction
• Representation
Defining the Scope of the Internet
Marketing Communications
• Will we use the site URL on all offline campaigns
• Will we update the site to be consistent with marketing
messages in offline campaigns
• How will PR be handled by the web site
• How will the medium be used to build relationships with
customers? Will it contain personalization facilities?
• Will the site support sales staff directly meeting with
• How will customer service be supported
• Will online sales be supported
• Will the site be used to support trade shows
• How will the medium be used for sales promotions
An identifiable product or service augmented
in such a way that the buyer or user perceives
relevant unique added values which match
their needs most closely. Furthermore, its
success results from being able to sustain
these added values in the face of competitors
(de Chernatony & Mcdonald, 1992
How Do We ‘Migrate’ Our Brands
On The Internet
Migrate traditional brand online
Extend traditional brand: variant
Partner with existing digital brand
Create a new digital brand
Strategic Partnerships and
Design/technology partnerships
Promotion partnerships
Reciprocal promotion
Distribution partnerships
Legal advice
Organizational Structure
Ad hoc activity
Focusing the effort
Institutionalizing capability
Setting the Budget
Initial creation of site
Initial promotion of site
Ongoing maintenance of site
Ongoing promotion of site
Re-launch creation and promotion
The Schedule
Pre-development tasks
Content planning
Content development and testing
Publishing the site
Pre-launch promotion
Ongoing promotion
Content Analysis example
Contact information
Basic facts about department/university
Information about the teaching staff
Curriculum information
Information about possible careers
Attempts to provide repeat visits