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Caringo Swarm
Petabyte+ software-defined storage
for the post RAID era
Strong Dell Partner
•In the Dell ISV catalogue
•Many PB+ deployments
•Dedicated global Dell
support team
•Version 7 technology
•Refined over nearly a
•Clusters running without
issues for over 4 years!
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
Flexible Scale
•1 PB+ unstructured data
•Billions of files
•Orgs that value flexibility but
have limited resources
PBs+ on any Dell hardware without RAID
• Scale to 100s of PBs on standard Dell Servers
o G11 and G12 PowerEdge, primarily R720xd, R420, C8000
o Can leverage MD as DAS JBOD’s attached to PE servers
• Continuously protect data without RAID or backups
• Symmetric architecture accelerates recovery and eliminates single points
of failure and bottlenecks
• Instant, direct access to data over HTTP
• Single site or multi-geography deployment
•Great for very small and very large files
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
Software Delivering Unrivaled Flexibility at Scale
All-inclusive software
Swarm architecture
Encapsulated data
All node multi-protect
data + metadata
Expand capacity and
performance in minutes.
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
Let Swarm do the work,
and do it faster as the
cluster grows.
Automated data lifecycle
management while you
seamlessly evolve apps
and hardware.
Rapid scale and
continuous protection
without a DBA or PhD.
Use Case: City of Austin, Police Video
2PBs, growing to 10 PB within 3 years
Patrol Car & Surveillance Video Retention and Access
• Storing video for 650+ vehicles
• Phase 1, stub NetApp filers store data on Swarm
•Phase 2, write directly to Swarm for entire workflow
Moving data OFF NetApp onto Swarm on Dell Servers
• Large, static files degrade file storage performance
• Customer wants to avoid future NetApp/primary storage spend and reduce backups
• Internal strategy to deliver IT like large cloud providers
Trend – Cost Effective, Private Cloud Infrastructure
• Exists in nearly every city, county, municipality in the world
• First wave in-vehicle, next wave wearable cameras
• Municipalities are CAPEX sensitive
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
Use Case: DoD, Medical Image Archive
6PBs growing to 12PB+ by end of year
22 vendors applied. Caringo was in both finalists
Medical Image Consolidation: Army, Navy, Air Force
•File-level governance and long-term investment protection & durability
•Hundreds of geographically distributed sites around the world requires efficient
distribution leveraging ubiquitous infrastructure
•Archive facilitated by Vendor Neutral Archive application (Acuo)
Trend – Eliminating Storage Silos, Value Through Accessibility
•Exists in every healthcare services organization worldwide
•Enables low-cost, high-scale Cloud-based Clinical Archiving
•Significant investment protection and SLA differentiation
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
Your Petabyte+ Solution
• Decouples data from location and apps for long-term use and access
• Just-in-time scale, optimize the use of resources and capital
• CAPEX reduction, buy only what’s needed, no forklift upgrades
• Ongoing OPEX optimization, keep up with the latest hardware
• DC efficiency and investment protection, mix old and new hardware
• Proven, on 7th version, many multi-PB customers with Dell, clusters
running in field with no issues for over 4 years!
Dell - Restricted - Confidential
Contact Craig to learn more
Craig Warthen
Dell Partner Director
[email protected]
Additional Resources (ask Craig)
Brandon Canaday - VP Channels
Ryan Meek – Director, Technical Account Management
Billy Meders – System Engineer
Plus field staff in every major region
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