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3 Yrs.
SSC with minimum 35%
2 Yrs.
HSC with minimum 35%
ITI / MCVC / COE With Minimum60 %
Against Govt. Scholarship
50 % Concession for OBC,OPEN Category
Against Govt. Scholarship
Minority Scholarship & EBC Scholarship
Information Technology
Job Opportunity/ Work Prospects
It’s the software Industry which has given wings to youngster's dreams. The
employment opportunity is ample as India is World's IT hub. Opportunities are
as follows:
Work for IT giants like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Satyam, Infosys, TCS etc.
Software career has variety of job profiles in development, Testing, Support,
Networking, Security etc.
Jobs in govt. sector are also ample with govt pro actively implementing ICT in
all spheres. ( Ministry Of IT)
New age entrepreneur’s hottest target is IT services, so one can also look
avenues of setting up own firm.
Fresh Graduates can start as junior or support engineers. Candidates with over
3-5 years of experience can be considered for the role of Project
Leader/Manager. Project Managers generally play a supervisory role and mange
a team of computer engineers and information technology specialists. Most
technology firms also offer comprehensive internship program that serves as a
breeding ground for aspiring information technology professionals.
Mechanical Engineering
Job Opportunity/ Work Prospects
• The employment opportunities are immense for a graduate in
Mechanical Engineering. They can find jobs in:
• Steel plants and oil exploration
• Government departments like defense & space research
• Aeronautical, automobile, power plants & railways
• Agricultural sector for maintenance of equipments
• Companies that make machinery & transportation equipment
• One can also go for R&D and teaching
Electronics and Telecommunication
As an Electronics and Telecommunication engineer, various
opportunities are there.
An electronics engineer can get a job in Central Government, State
Governments and their sponsored corporations in public enterprises
and the private organizations like All India Radio, Indian Telephone
Industries, MTNL, National Physical Laboratories, AIR, Civil Aviation
Department; Post and Telegraph Department; Co-ordination Department,
National Physical Laboratory, Bharat Electronics Limited, Development
Centers in various States etc. Dealing in manufacture, sales and
services of electronics consumer goods and appliances.
Electronics engineers are also absorbed into the entertainment
transmission industry, research establishments, and defense. They can
also take up teaching and research in one of the many Engineering
colleges in India or abroad.
They can also be employed by private companies manufacturing radio
equipment and electronics such as Sony, Samsung etc.
In Ministry of Communication, All India Radio, DD.
In information and broadcasting sectors, railways, police, BSF, CRPF
and defense related organizations.
In research organization like ISRO.
Take up teaching as professor of communications in educational
Electrical Engineering
Job Opportunity/ Work Prospects
• The employment opportunities are immense for
Electrical Engineering. They can acquire jobs in:
• In industries manufacturing all the household &
office appliances
• In atomic, hydroelectric & thermal power plants
• In design, production, installation and maintenance
of electrically controlled machinery
• One can also go in for research and take up teaching
Civil Engineering
Job Opportunity/ Work Prospects
• The employment opportunities are immense for civil
engineering. They can find jobs in:
• Construction projects carried out by the state/central govt.
• Railways, military, engineering services, consultancy services
• Private and public sector construction companies like Unitech,
DLF, Parasvnath
• Maintenance and construction of roads, highways, airports,
housing complex etc.
• One can also go in for research and take up teaching
• Open own independent consultancy services
High Profile Renowned Professors
Experienced Staff
Hands on Workshop
Visionary Management