Envelope - Playground Game

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Transcript Envelope - Playground Game

Zuzanna Brózio, Aleksandra Roman
First, you have to draw this board on the street.
Second, you have to throw a little stone onto the square „1”.
Third, you have to jump according to the instructions above. When you
stand on the squares „7” and „8” you have to come back and take the
stone back witk you.
When you have to throw the stone onto the squares „2”, „3”, „4”, „5”,
„6”, „7”, „8” and when you are coming back you have to take the stone
with you.
When you come back from the square „8” and take your stone back with
you, you have to stand with your back to the board and throw the stone
over you. The square that the stone falls onto is out of the game. The
game goes on until all the squares are out of the game.
The End