The Means of Livelihood of the Early Filipinos

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Transcript The Means of Livelihood of the Early Filipinos

The Means of Livelihood
of the Early Filipinos
Paulo Joquiño
Eljine Zhang
Christian Limsui
Justin Jao
Raphael Nisce
The Major Industries
How they did it
Kaingin and the use
of araro or plow
Spears or bows, and
palay, coffee,
peanuts, gabi,
Baboy-ramo or
wild pig, and
other animals
Spears, plant
extracts, paksol- a
trap, salakab-a
basket-like thing, and
fishing nets or
Major Industries
1. Mining-they mined metals, gold, silver, copper,
and steel used for weapons like bolos.
2. Livestock raising-they raised carabaos, cows,
goats, chickens, and learned duck raising and
leather tanning from the Japanese.
3. Bartering or Trading-they traded with the other
people from Cambodia, China, Siam, Borneo
and Japan
4. Logging-they started logging when they saw
the boats of the foreign traders. They soon
logged, and made water conveyers for trading.
Other Means of Livelihood
• Pearl diving
• Making native wine-like lambanog, tuba, basi
and tapuy
• Weaving-mats, blankets and house decorations
• Making fish preserves
Land Ownership
There were two kinds of land ownership:
1. Public ownership- public lands were like the
mountains and the surrounding area, and also
plains which were less productive. Anyone
could farm in this land. People may raise their
livestock there too.
Land Ownership
• Private Ownerships:
1. By inheriting a piece of land
2. By doing kaingin-clearing the land and planting
3. By paying taxes to the datu in order to cultivate
a part of the land belonging to the ruler/datu. It
is like amortization.
Technology during Stone Age
• The Filipinos had technology even during the Stone
Age. Tools and other equipment were made of stones
and woods but they had to be polished to be useful.
For example, if they were going to hunt using a spear,
they had to polish the stone-made spear.
• Pieces of wood were sharpened before use, and so
were coconut shells. Mortar and pestle were shaped
so that they could be used for pounding.
• Fire was a great advancement in the Stone Age.
Technology during Metal Age
• Tools were changed from stone to metal, and
steel mines were manufactured into blades.
People learned how to make rings, earrings, etc.
They also made machines for weaving and
• The use of plow and arrow was an
advancement, so were carts with wheels, and
the use of irrigation in farming.