Early People

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Early People
Who are they?
Bell Work
• What do you know about the
Early People?
Term Sheet
• During this unit, you will be creating a term
sheet for each section as we learn
• This will be a continuous sheet
• This will be on a sheet of lined paper
• You will write the term/vocabulary word,
underline the word, & then write the definition
People of the Old Stone Age
• Early Life was a hard life
– Search for food
– Hunter-gatherers-Hunted animals & wild plants for food
– Had to know their environment- Their surroundings
– Life changed when they made FIRE
• Food could be cooked
• Provided light
• People could stay warm
• This period is known as the Old Stone Age-Period where
people could only make items from stone & wood
Studying the Evidence of the
Old Stone Age
• The Earliest Tools
– Rocks and Sticks became tools
– Sharpened stones to make axes
– Needles made from sharpened
animal bones
• All of these are examples of
technology-Any tool or invention
used to complete a task
– Archeologists have studied
these tools which are now
artifacts-Objects made & used
by people in the past.
Studying the Evidence
• Two Caves- Some of the oldest human artifacts
– Caves in Africa
• Border Cave
– Bones were about 40,000 years old- discovered in 1940
– Artifacts found
– 40 kinds of animal bones found
• Blombos Cave in South Africa
– Bone & stone tools were found
– Some artifacts were 70,000 years old
– Cave was by a grassland-Old Stone Age ppl. hunted there