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Breaking News:
The Department of
Education, the HLC, and the
purveyors of Financial Aid
need to know….
Yoo hoo, Students, Where are you?
 Regular attendance and active
participation in learning are requirements
for all students receiving financial aid.
 Active attendance monitoring and
reporting are requirements for all faculty.
Faculty Responsibility
Each instructor must:
• Clearly state all attendance policies and
consequences for non-attendance in the
• Consistently monitor student attendance based
on the official roster available in your MyPima
Dashboard. Be prepared to give the last date of a
student’s attendance whenever requested.
Faculty Responsibility
Each instructor must:
• Complete regular attendance and participation
reporting through MyPima to certify which
students are present and active. Active is defined
by completing work and making academic
progress in your course—not just sitting in class
or logging in to an online component..
• You will be notified when the reporting needs to be
completed. Please check email daily.
Faculty Responsibility
Reporting timelines: Subject to Change!
• Tenth Day reporting certifies to the Department of Education
that students have been present and active when they first
receive their funding.
• 45th Day reporting certifies to the State they are actively
participating in class activities. This census determines the
amount that the State will contribute to the College.
• Final Grade reporting requires that last date of attendance be
submitted on the grade roster for each “F” or “W” recorded.
• Note: The last date of attendance MUST be documented any
time a W (withdrawal), non-present, or F is given as a final
Grade Implications:
• “F” is an “earned grade” and indicates that a student has
completed work and assignments, but has not mastered the
• “W” is a withdrawal that indicates that a student simply
stopped attending or actively participating in the class. The W
grade may be initiated by the student or by the instructor. It
does not have any impact on a GPA at Pima, but it might have
an impact on certain types of financial aid and at re
• An I (incomplete) may only be given if the student has
completed 75% of the required course assignments and tests
with a grade of C or better. They are given sparingly.
Faculty Responsibility
What if?
....A student who is attending class is not on the official roster?
 Solution: Send the student directly to advising to determine why. If it
is an issue of non-payment, please have the student show proof of
payment or of payment plan before coming back to your class.
… A student who has stopped attending class (or missed enough to make
successful completion difficult), pleads with you to let him or her back into
the class with promises of total hard work and pledges faithful compliance
with all of your deadlines and assignments?
 Solution: If the student really has little chance of being successful, it
may not be a kindness to allow him or her to rejoin the class. If you are
in doubt, or want another opinion, do not hesitate to call on your
department chair or dean to help with the decision.
Let the student know that you will have to consult with the chair or
dean. You do not have to give an answer on the spot.
We will do this together!
• We are a team.
there are uestions or
concerns about
operations, student
issues or any area,
please contact the
FRC, your
Office, your
Department Chair or
Did you know?
• As an adjunct faculty member, you are eligible to take up to six
credits a semester at PCC for $10…. Yoga anyone?
• Your dean and staff and your department chair are here to
help you. Whether it is an operational question or a serious
student issue or concern, you do not have to handle it alone.
• How much we appreciate everything you do to make our
students successful?
• May your students be bright, enthusiastic and happy to be
here…..Have a great semester!