Go to http://www.nsaahome.org. Put your mouse over “Login

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Transcript Go to http://www.nsaahome.org. Put your mouse over “Login

Completing an NSAA Online
Rules Meeting
Go to http://www.nsaahome.org.
Put your mouse over “Login” and click on “Officials/Observers”.
Enter your Official’s Password.
Click “Login”.
Once you are logged in, you will see a section titled “Online Rules
Meeting”. Click on the heading of the section to expand it.
The note under each sport you’re registered for will tell you whether
or not you will be charged a FEE for the rules meeting, depending
on today’s date.
Click on the link to begin the Rules Meeting process for the sport
you need to complete the requirement for.
First, you will see detailed instructions regarding the video process.
PLEASE NOTE that you should not complete the Rules Meeting
ONLINE if you have a dial-up or slow internet connection!!!
Also, if your network has a limit on the size of files you can
download, the Online Rules Meeting may not be for you.
(Instructions Page Cont’d)
There are also some important tips on making sure the video runs
PLEASE NOTE that if you skip ahead in the video, your attendance will not
Click the link to begin the video.
The video will begin automatically. You can pause the video, but do not
skip ahead or else your attendance will not count.
Also, do NOT stop the video or close your browser at the end of the video.
WAIT for your browser to re-direct AUTOMATICALLY to the verification
If you watch the video during the NO CHARGE
period, you will simply need to type your name
as your “electronic signature” and click “Verify
You can print a confirmation of your attendance if you wish.
If you watch the video during the period when a FEE is charged, you will
need to enter your credit card information to complete payment and have
your attendance verified.
For the EXPIRATION DATE field, enter “January 2011” like “0111”. Make
sure to only click “Continue” ONCE so that your card is only charged one
Your credit card receipt will be emailed to you. You can also print
the confirmation page for your records.
Once you have completed these
steps, your Online Rules Meeting
attendance has been verified.
We hope this PowerPoint has helped
answer any questions or concerns
you have!
Thank You.