SOBAC Workshop - University of Richmond

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Transcript SOBAC Workshop - University of Richmond

Info Sessions:
Sunday, March 29th and Thursday, April 2nd
The Student Organization Budget and
Appropriations Committee
“The purpose of SOBAC is to fairly allocate
funds to University-wide recognized
organizations and to periodically review the
use of these funds in order to maximize the
quality of student life.”
RCSGA and WCGA Presidents,
3 members of both RC and WC Finance
WC Treasurer, RC VP of Finance
The Director of Student Activities , Max Vest
Recommendations made by consensus of the
SOBAC and ratified by both SGA’s
In order to make recommendations we…
◦ Collect forms
◦ Review account history
◦ Conduct hearings
Recognized student organizations that are
not exclusive with membership according to
their constitutions
The following groups are ineligible:
◦ Sports Clubs, IM teams
◦ Honor Societies
◦ Any Greek Organization, social or service based
All organizations that are either new or did
not receive SOBAC funding for the past two
semesters can receive a maximum of:
◦ $500 in the fall semester
◦ And $1000 in the spring semester
The committee has been expanded to
increase efficiency
The Mid-Year Review process encourages
accountability, organizations can be rewarded
or penalized for the use of their funds
The constitution and by-laws have been
updated to provide a more thorough
definition of what will and will not be funded,
which will be accessible to all of you, along
with the sanctions that go along with
violating the rules of SOBAC
Takes place immediately after Winter Break
ALL organizations must present all post
program reports regardless of how much has
been allocated
◦ All post-program reports MUST be submitted within
two weeks following the program
Review fiscal year account history
◦ If not on track to spend entire allocation, we will
ask for an explanation
To be eligible for spring semester funding, an
organization must submit their applications
and budget reviews to the committee by the
first day of classes of the spring semester
TODAY: Make sure you’ve signed in
◦ Email them to [email protected]
◦ Check the website and Blackboard for
any updates or for any of the forms
◦ TUESDAY, APRIL 14th : 5-10:30pm &
◦ THURSDAY, APRIL 16th: 6-10pm
 All time slots are 6 minutes
 The sign up sheet will be available at the Student
Activities desk – make sure to ask for it
 Be prepared to explain the previous years budget
 Bring 11 (Yes ELEVEN) copies of your application
 In addition to the application, you must have an inventory
of anything that your organization owns
 Also, come prepared with the contact information for the
new officers of the organization
May 1, 2009: You will be notified of how
much you will receive
June 30, 2009: Sign the online Code of Ethical
Conduct and pass the funding guidelines test
(all available on Blackboard)
July 1, 2009: Funds will be transferred to your
◦ You will receive 60% of your funds for the first
semester, and 40% in the second semester unless
you request otherwise in your application and
during your hearing
Don’t hesitate to contact us or use the
Blackboard account to post comments or
questions – we check it regularly!
Feel free to email either of us:
◦ [email protected][email protected]