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The Art Office Project
TJ Weiten // Victoria Fu
Spring 2013
Project Goals
• The goal of the project was to renovate the site
She wanted to the removal of excess tags
Tidy up pages
Verification of links
Make the whole platform stronger than Tumblr
The Old (Live Demo)
• Old Link (Deprecated):
The New (Live Demo)
• Temp Address:
• Soon to be at:
The Roadblocks
• Very few, if any, roadblocks throughout the
• Entire experience was smooth sailing, just a
significant amount of work
The Successes
• Overall, both of us have been very pleased with
how the site has come out
• A huge amount of attention to detail went into
making sure that everything on the site fit really
well thematically
• The aggregation system, a huge roadblock in
one of my projects 2 semesters ago was
implemented incredibly easily this time
The Take-home
• This semester I managed to get a lot of practice
in with my CSS3 skills
• Had to learn a bit more HTML to get
everything in top shape
The Loves & Hates
• Pretty much any task related to web design was
quite a bit of fun
• I had a decent amount of leeway this semester to do
what I thought would look good and I am happy
with the end result
• The non-web design related tasks were fairly
• Cleaning up the tag cloud, verifying links, etc.