Why should we care about WORMS

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Transcript Why should we care about WORMS


are part of the solution

Worms are the Earth’s natural soil builders

Soil is the basis of our society No soil = no food = no humans

Earth loses 25 billion tons of topsoil every year

Peak Phosphorus Phosphorus is essential for the growth of plants. We mine phosphorus from phosphate rocks. Phosphorus production is modeled to peak at 2030. What will this mean for a human population that will continue to grow well beyond that point?



Composting & Wormfarming By doing this we are ensuring that the nutrients that are in food scraps (that we used to throw to landfill !) are recycled and kept available for plants to grow and feed us.

When organic waste (like food scraps) go to landfill, it rots and produces methane which contributes to global warming. Landfill methane production accounts for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Wormfarming is a great way to solve this problem.