Year 5/6 Waste Audit - Baradine Central School

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Transcript Year 5/6 Waste Audit - Baradine Central School

5/6 Waste Audit
March 2011
On the
March, 5/6 conducted a
waste audit of Baradine Central
School. This involved collecting
the rubbish from the day before
and using tongs, we sorted it into
5 groups.
The five groups were:
Recyclable containers
Organic material
Food Scraps
Clean paper
We used a bucket and
scale to weigh each
pile of rubbish.
We recorded these results so we could
calculate how much of each type of
waste our school generated in a week /
term / year!
Everyone in our class
worked out how much
waste we produced!
The results were shocking!
This is waste that cannot be recycled,
composted or used for any other
Our school produces 2.6kg in one day!!
That’s 13kg in one week
130kg in one term
And 520kg in one school year!!
That’s how much a big
fat cow weighs!!
Recyclable Containers
In one day our school throws away 1.05kg of recyclable containers!!
That’s 5.25kg in one week
52.5kg in one term
And 210kg in one year!!
That’s the size of a young steer!
At the moment, we are adding that to landfill!
Food Scraps
In one day: 4.85kg!!
That’s 24.25kg in one week
242.5kg in one term
9700kg in one year!!
That’s nearly ONE TONNE!
That’s how much a Bull weighs!
At the moment, that is being added to landfill – we could have a lot
of happy chooks if we gave it to them!
Clean Paper
Some paper gets taken to the tip to be recycled but there’s still lots
that’s just going in the bin!
In one day there was 200g
Which is 1kg in one week
10kg in one term
And 40kg in one year!
That’s how much some of us weigh!
At the moment – it’s being added to landfill.......
What can we do?
We could do nothing.....
We could keep adding 3 tonnes of landfill to the tip each year.
That would be easiest.....
But one day.... There will be no more room at the tip.
This is what happens when people are not responsible with their rubbish:
Or we could recycle.
We could also become more conscious of our
own waste!!
Every year over 6 million tonnes of
rubbish is dumped into the world’s
oceans, 80% of which is plastic, and
a further 10% of this being plastic
bags. With an estimated 46,000
pieces for every square mile of
ocean, plastic is responsible for
killing 1 million sea birds and over
100,000 sea mammals each year.
Turtles, whales and sea birds
mistake rubbish for food or get
entangled in it, resulting in painful
injuries, or even death.