Lady Sailors Service Club

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Transcript Lady Sailors Service Club

Lady Sailors Service Club
January 12th, 2010
Celebrating Wellness!
For showing up in the
FREEZING cold! It really
shows your dedication to
this club and our purpose.
We really appreciate it and
it makes us all VERY proud
to have such great
For our next meeting we will be
going out as a group again to
fundraise for Relay. Please be here
IMMEDIATELY after school; no later
than 2:20. We will be dividing you
up into groups again so you can
meet new people in the club.
When: January 23rd
Where: JP Igloo
Time: ?
Cost: $11 in exact change,
this way when we
show up as a group we
will receive a group
discount. If you want
you can bring extra
money for food.
Free Rice
This is our supplement
project for community
service hours. You need to
print our points out to
receive credit.
2500 point=1 hour