Leadership/ Human Capital

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Leadership Change and Destiny

Jaime Chahin  The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created-created first in mind and will, created next in activity. The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating.

The paths to it are not found but made, and the activity of making them changes both the the maker and the destination

Leadership Qualities

     Leaders can meet and greet Leaders take control Leaders take risk to gain responsibility Leaders stand and deliver Leaders have something to say      Leaders lead, followers follow Leaders lead by example Leaders are active listeners Leaders are problem solvers Leaders are critical thinkers

Leadership and Human Capital

 Human Capital - the skills and knowledge people need to get jobs and thrive in a modern economy  To achieve Human Capital and to be leaders we need the following:

Cultural Capital

 Cultural Capital- the habits, assumptions emotional dispositions and linguistic capacities unconsciously pick from families, neighbors and ethnic groups.

 “Family is important.”

Social Capital

 Social Capital- the knowledge of how to behave in groups within institutions  I.E. How does the system work?  Basic rules of politeness

Moral Capital

 Moral Capital-the ability to be trustworthy  “Brains and skills do not matter if you don’t show up on time.”

Cognitive Capital

 Cognitive Capital- this can mean pure inherited brainpower, however important cognitive skills are not measured by test.

 “ Learn to evaluate yourself and skills may be improved over time.”

Inspirational Capital

 The fire in the belly ambition to achieve  “Ganas”  Create an intense culture of achievement and work

Youth Leadership

  

Personal Skills and Capacity

1 .) When you think about your skills what three things do you best?

   1.) 2.) 3.) 2.) Which of your skills are good enough that other people would hire you to do them?

   1.) 2.) 3.)

Personal Skills and Capacity

  3.) Are there any skills you would like to teach.

   1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) What skills would you like to learn?

 1.)   2.) 3.)

Communication Skills

       Have you ever organized or participated in any of the following community activities?

Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts ___ Church Fund Raisers___ Livestock Show Rummage Sales Yard Sales ___ Bingo ___ Carmesa ___ ___ ___ Political Campaigns ___ Student Organizations ___ LULAC/GI Forum ___ Camp Trips ___ Sports Teams ___

A.) Business Interest

     1.) Have you ever considered starting a business?

 Yes ___ No___ 2.) Did you plan to start it alone or with other people?

 Yes ___ No___ 3.) Did you plan to operate it out of your home?  Yes ___ No___ 4.)What obstacle kept you from starting a business?

5.)Do you know any local business person?

B.) Business Activity

 1.) Are you currently earning money on your own through the sale of services or products?

 Yes ___ No___  2.) If yes, what are the products or services you sell?

 3.) Whom do you sell to?

 4.) How do you get customers?

 5.) What would help you improve your business?


 1.) Do you know who your elected officials are?

 2.) What is your career interest?

 3.)What is the region you reside in?

Developing An Organization

 What is the organization’s mission?

 What is the organization’s goals?

Organizational Goals

   To develop regional friendships To become acquainted with regional economic development and services To become involved in community development and services     To participate in the local political process To develop career goals To get involved in the educational system To complete a monthly activity report and present it to the board

Developing An Organization

      What will be the responsibilities of the members of the organization?

What will be the focus of the organizations strategic plan?

What are the bylaws?

What is the organizational chart?

What’s the Annual Calendar Program Schedule?

How will you finance the activities of the organization?