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Baby’s 1st Christmas
Birth – 16 Months
Livingston- Bellsquarry village hall - Wed the 16th Dec
Falkirk - Thornhill community centre Thurs 17th Dec
Corstorphine – Kirk lane hall Frid 18th Dec
Linlithgow – St Michaels church hall Sat 19th Dec
Class times will be
10.30 – 11.30am 0-16months
12.00 - 13.00pm 0-7 months
13.30-14.30pm 0-16 months
15.00 -16.00 0-13months
Additional brothers and sisters can be catered for (up to 5 years) at a cost of £5 per head which will
assure they will also receive a gift from father Christmas
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I would like to attend the Baby Sensory Christmas Party on:
Time:___________ Venue:_________________
Parents Name:
Baby’s Name and date of birth
Contact Number: -----------------E-mail:_____________________
I enclose a cheque for £10.00 to secure my place. (Please make cheques payable to
Baby Sensory.)I would like to bring __ visitors with me at an additional cost
of £2.00 each (this will cover the cost of extra refreshments) everyone
welcome. Please include all additional payments for any additional Guests
( daddies, grans, grandads etc) at time of booking no extra payments taken on day of
For more details, :Tel: 07873614317 or E-mail:
[email protected] Completed forms & payment to