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   Illegal drugs that are found mostly in nightclubs or at raves.

These drugs make people feel more relaxed  Ecstasy   Rohypnol- known as “date rape” drug Ketamine- “special k” These drugs are made in home labs and they are mixed with other harmful chemicals  This means a person who uses club drugs never knows what exactly is in them.

  Ecstasy users may experience    Tingly skin, clenched jaws Increases the heart rate and body temp.

 This damages organs Make a person feel anxious and paranoid Rohypnol     Makes a persons blood pressure drop User feels dizzy and very sleepy Blackouts and memory loss Loss of consciousness  A person slipped this drug usually will not remember what happened  This is why it is called the date rape drug….a major crime.

 Ketamine  Deadly if abused    Causes hallucinations Memory loss A small overdose can cause death  Many teens die from using this drug.

 Narcotics   Drugs that get rid of pain and dull senses  Ex. Morphine and codeine  Both are used as medicine, both are very addictive Heroin is a narcotic  Taken through an injection in arm or between toes.

     Gives the user an instant high or feeling of happiness.

Once the drug wears off, user experiences nausea, stomach cramps, and vomiting.

People need larger amounts very quickly, so it is easy to overdose HIV and AIDS can occur due to many heroin users sharing needles Can be very addictive and withdrawal symptoms are very painful.

 Hallucinogens  Drugs that distort moods, thoughts, and senses     Creates imaginary images in the users mind Less sensitive to pain Confused and disoriented Some people become violent

 Inhalants  Vapors of chemicals that are sniffed or inhaled to get a high    Most come from household products  Ex. Bleach, cleaning liquids, glue Causes nausea, dizziness, mental confusion, loss of motor skills When inhaled it goes straight to the brain

  Steroids   Make muscles grow faster and larger Your body already makes steroids to help you grow and develop Artificial steroids contain fake hormones Symptoms     Hard time controlling anger  “roid rage” in males the testicles can shrink  Also stunt overall growth In females- effects production of estrogen  This results in a deeper voice, excess facial hair, masculine looking body In both males and females  Heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, cancer, sterile, hair loss, liver damage, depression and severe acne

  If a pregnant female is using drugs, alcohol or tobacco can:  Give birth to a low weight baby   Brain problems for baby Hurt the baby’s development If drugs are injected while pregnant the baby can be infected with the HIV virus as well as the mother.