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Woo hoo!
 Labor
takes most parents by surprise
 Once begun, labor and delivery are
completed within hours.
Following childbirth, there is a period
of readjustment for the mother.
The baby adjusts to life outside the mother’s body
series of contractions in the uterine
muscles move the baby out of the mothers
 Contractions happen in intervals
 Last from 30 seconds to 1 minute
 Rest lasts from 15 minutes down to about 2
 Lightening:
a change in the baby’s position
 Stage
One: Dilation of the Cervix
Contractions 15-20 minutes apart
Uterus narrows
Full dilation = 10 cm.
When the cervix is completely open, the first
stage of labor ends
Average time for the first pregnancy is 8 hours
 Stage
Two: Delivery of the Baby
Baby's head enters the birth canal
A small incision may be made to widen the birth
Baby faces downward as head emerges
Once the head, shoulders, abdomen and legs are
out the remaining amniotic sac is expelled
Second stage ends when the baby is free from
the mothers body
Lasts anywhere from 30-90 minutes typically
 Stage
three: Delivery of the Placenta
20 minutes after birth, contractions allow the
placenta to completely detach
The placenta and fetal membrane detach and
expelled during the afterbirth
Mother is physically tired, emotionally relieved
and overjoyed
 Mother
and baby can expect to remain 24-48
 Mothers body must recover, the baby is
monitored for health problems and
adjustment to life
 Bonding:
developing a feeling of affection,
is important for parents and their baby
 The
care the mother receives during the six
to eight weeks following birth
 First hour after birth = critical time for
restoring body stability
Rest is important
Women encouraged to get out of bed within 24
hours of delivery
Mood disorders are common
Baby Blues
 Analyze
the emotions shown from the mother
to be and from the father to be. Compare
and contrast the emotions felt by the father
and by the mother before labor, during labor
and after labor. What could be the possible
causes of these emotions? Explain the
process of this woman’s labor experience.
Were there any complications? What was the
procedure before, during and after birth?