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Welcome Back!
New student pick up procedures
for the 2014-2015 school year
• Front parking lot entrance will be blocked off
between 2 & 2:30.
• Half circle in drive will only use 1 lane.
• The loading zone will be the 1st two cars after
the crosswalk and the 1st two cars before the
• There are 4 staff members designated to load
students into vehicles at each of the 4 spots.
• Please make sure color coded sheet is placed
on the dashboard of your car.
• No child will be able to get into a vehicle unless
that vehicle is in the loading zone area.
• The student you are picking up will be dropped
off to the vehicle.
• Staff members at car 1 and 2 will direct when
that car may leave. The staff member at the
crosswalk will direct when car 3 and 4 can
leave. They will also direct for the next load of
cars to move up.
• If your child is not in the loading group when
they are ready to be taken to the loaders, you
will be asked to move to the 2nd curve and wait
for your child to be delivered to you.
• If you are going to change your method of
pickup for your child, please either send a note
or call the front office before 2 pm.
• Please do not try to have a conference with
your child’s teacher during this time.
• No student will be allowed to walk to the tower
for pick up.
• If your child is a walker, we will wait until 3:25
to release them from the gym to give time for
the large volume of traffic to taper off.
Gym Procedures
The gym is the area students will be in if they are
a walker or a parent pick up
Parent pick up procedures are as follows:
• Parents will need to wait on the sidewalk outside
of gym doors until the doors open at 3:20.
• Parents will need to get in their student’s grade
level line to wait for student to be released to
• Please wait for your child behind the green line.
• If you have students in multiple grades, you will
need to get in multiple lines for that particular
grade level.
• Please do not call your child to you, a runner will
bring your child to you.
• Please come in one door and exit the opposite
Thank you for your
patience in making sure
our students are safe!